Charity Rugby Match for H4H

Greetings all. I am a regular lurker who has decided to enter the fray. If this is in the wrong place the please do move somewhere more appropriate.

Having joined, I look forward to expressing opinion and speculation, possibly I'll-informed, irrelevant and inaccurate, and sometimes maybe even vaguely appropriate. Who knows?

I do have some, minimal, in fact virtually negligible military experience back in the early 80's and as such feel qualified to comment with authority on absolutely everything. However my intent here today is far more worthy.

I wish to draw your attention to a charity rugby match being played in support of H4H. It takes place in Bristol on 17th August. The Impact Barbarians are a team comprised of players who have never played at all, or not since school. They will be playing an established Bristol rugby team. It promises to be a good event for a worthy cause. I'm afraid I do t know yet how to post a link but if any of you Arrsers are interested, just go to the Impact Barbarians page on Facebook. All and any support will be appreciated.

Right, that's my good deed for the day. I'm off to find more anecdotes about the SL.....!

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Oh, almost forgot. If any of you are a dab hand with a video camera, and are in the area and available on the day, your help would be extremely welcome.

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Date/Time/Place details would be useful.

I can extract:

Date 17 Aug 13
Place XX location in Bristol

You may get more attendance that way :)
Of course

Date. 17th August '13

Place. Bristol Barbarians RFC, Norton Lane, Whitchurch, Bristol

Time. From 0900 (I'm told, TBC)

A quick look at the Facebook page shows that preparations for the day are going well


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In all probability. I don't know what arrangements have been put in place for evacuation/administration of 'coup de grace' for the casualties, as I'm just trying to drum up support on behalf of a couple of friends. One of them is playing, another is organising too. I would hope they have already taken care of this but if you are in a position to help, don't hesitate to get in touch via the Facebook page. Or, if you're happy to do so, PM me your details and I'll pass them on.

Failing that, get yerself a ticket, turn up on the day, have a few beers and enjoy the slaught....... rugby.

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Thanks for the event poster. It is displyed alongside an automatically generated advert for "Muslim Hands", a charity that helps those affected by "poverty, conflict and disaster". So I am offered the opportunity - in the same post - to support those affected on both sides of the same conflict. Ooh, decisions, decisions!
Cheerleeders, beer tent and a Hog Roast. If there was a dinner lady available for service to ensure right person gets right food from the Hog Roast it would be near perfect.
Presumably everyone would have to bring a chit from their mum explaining what they are allowed to eat/drink?

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