Charity organisations during the floods

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chimp503, Jul 28, 2007.

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  1. Has anyone witnessed any help from our so called Charity brigade, The oxfams etc come to the aid of the flooded thousands in Glos, oxford, worcestershire to name but a few

    APART from the Red Cross i have not seen any coverage of these hundreds of Charity organisations who blight our streets with their shops and pester us with their collections tins so we can save someone thousands of miles away, how about helping the hand that feeds them.

    Seems to me they are more interested in their own agenda than helping where it is needed RIGHT NOW on their own doorstep.

    I suggest that if you wish to give to a charity and this is IMHO, give to the Red Cross but no others unless you have proof they helped in OUR time of need.
  2. Of course not. Helping Mr and Mrs Stone Cladding doesn't look so good for Mrs Ponsonby-Smythe-FForbes-de Walt as posing with an AIDS victim in Central Africa, does it. See the NIMBY thread for an example!
  3. Mrs Chimp noticed this one, She has only seen the RED CROSS out on the streets, this got me thinking I bet no other fcuker is doing anything, can anyone prove me wrong?

    I dont give to charities anyway,apart from the following and I stick to it.

    RBL or Similar
    ANY animal charity

    That is generally my lot - I NEVER give anything to people with tins looking to save a child in Africa or put water on a Bangladeshie's table or educate a one legged chinaman.
  4. I don't understand why we need so many charities. Surely it would be more efficient, both in terms of time and money, to have one organisation with many different divisions which look after different charitable aims. That way, donations could be diverted to those areas that need it, and more of the pound you give could be used charitably, rather than going on admin. For example, last year, Oxfam spent nearly £100m on admin costs, approx 1/3 of their total income!
  6. The BBC stated that the Police had warned people not to drink out of bowsers that had had their seals broken - this was because someone had "urinated" in one!
    What on f***ing earth possesses someone in an area with no potable water to piss in the only thing that holds potable water? Heaven helps those who help themselves. Charities obviously not needed in this part of the world.
  7. This should certainly be headline news tomorrow...Just where are the national charities in this crisis?! Water bowsers pissed in? They need guarding...especially now the idea of putting piss in them is out what else will people think of putting in them? Contaminated water is no laughing matter.
    Charities get millions from people in this country and they now need to be challenged to be there at our time of need and called to account if they don't help.
    I don't have any time for the Red Cross since they removed any mention of the meaning of Christmas from their Christmas cards a couple of years ago in the cause if political correctness, yet continue to cynically market their Christmas cards for financial gain. If they refuse to feature Christ in their Christmas yet actively strive to make money from the festival nonetheless that makes the organisation the worst of hypocrites.
    I think the hypocrisy of many of these major charities needs to be exposed. When are they ever actually there for the people in need in this country?
  8. I had forgotten they had done that... fcuk em aswell then, it seems tho that apart from the Community rising to the task the national charities have gone into hiding, probably all run by foreigners anyway who have not interest in the problems of your average UK citizen.
  9. Problem for the charities would be the government could then better control them, doncha think?
  10. Was in london yesterday . walking round notices a charity poster on a shop door asking for money/help to help the flood victims , me thinking it may be a fast one by some one ?
  11. Seem to remember seeing the RNLI were using a couple of inshore boats to rescue people. A charity that definately is worth supporting.
  12. The RSPCAhas deployed over 100 inspectors to the area (1/3 of their entire national inspector "force", and have so far rescued over 4000 farm animals and family pets.
  13. Lions Club out in force outside Sainsburys in Farnham.

    Put a sponge in the collection.
  14. This appears to be agood idea on the surface but bear in mind that proceeds from the National Lottery are all funnelled through a Good Causes Committee and look at the "Good " causes they support while lots of truly worthwhile charities get refused. The main thing in about lots of different charities is that you have a good idea where your donation is going. It would be ideal if an independent organisation were to police the running of charities with particular attention to their running costs. I know we hav eThe Charities Commission but it obviously doesn't concentrate on this aspect of the sector.
  15. Consider that a lot of charities including the OXford FAMine relief organisation have charitable aims that they have to abide to that require that they perform particular functions.

    Cancer Research for example cannot spend funds raised on things other than research into cancer treatment.

    The groups that should really get a thorough hammering are those such as the Legion of Frontiersmen who claim to fulfil a Civil Defence role but who actually just turn up at parades dressed in British Army Dress Uniform passing themselves off as military personnel.

    Plenty of evidence on the LoF thread here:
    (210 odd pages of failure and walting!)