Charity Needs Cheap / Free Minibus

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Rincewind, Jun 16, 2005.

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  1. Hello i know i have been away from beloved arrse for some time.

    Ok, i teach Sea Cadets (Navy Cadets for those not in the know) twice a week and run weekend courses etc.

    Recently our Minibuses Turbo threw a blade or two into the Engine and now its Fooked (proper Fooked). Needs £900 of engine (service replacement - comes with warranty) plus labour.

    Now i heard a rumour that theres a charity that helps charities lease hire minibuses for ridiculassly low rental prices.

    Does anyone know of such an organisation?

    Or does someone have a spare minibus laying around that they would love to donate to a charity? or a engine for a LDV 400 series? or offer to fit an engine for free? or has £5 spare and would like to send it to Chesterfield SCC towards said engine?

    Cheeky i know but hey...... if i had £900 i would give it to my charity. i dont, so i cant. i give what i can when i can and i freely give my time.

    I know were not as glamourous as the RBL or as deserving but, you know......

    Seriously, were in the poo. any offers or ideas greatfully accepted.

    Typing poo cos i had a few.

    im a poet and i didnt know it.

    Beers all round if we can sort something permanent.

  2. Sea Cadets! Maybe some nice REME chap can do a bit of fancy welding and convert it into a Sub?
  3. Erm, not much water in Chesterfield, i believe we hold the UK record for furthest distance to water.


  4. Try Contacting your nearest RNR/RN establishment. They Might be able to help, especially if it involves cadet development( if it doesent lie). We all know although cadet forces are youth organisations they are an excellent feeder to the regular forces. Mention this to some hig up naval type and milk them for what you can....
  5. tried that.....we do get funding from the RN but not for big things like buses.

    Thanks for your imput though

  6. Have you tried the MT section for a sympathetic mechanic for parts and labour.
  7. Rincewind, have your mob tried the Lottery? Perhaps a bit slow, but can be good for scrounging Idiot Tax off.

    Alternatively, and I know you're looking for Helpful Suggestions here, how abot Mr. Pratchett?
  8. Mitty.... Dude...

    He might help - afterall i love his work and he is loaded? failing that how about i pay him a visit with my .357 magnum underlever and ask him for a cheque?

    Rincwind the wizzard
  9. R, if you're prepared to threaten, just shoot him, nick the money from behind the carnivorous plants in the greenhouse, and tell his missus it was the elves. Honest. Guvnor.
  10. *ahem* "Lords and Ladies"

    thank you.

  11. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Tchah! Chesterfield? Practically on the coast....try TRING, Hert.s

    Don't know if you've resolved your minibus problem yet but in addition to other avenues you might try King George's Fund for Sailors. They've changed their name to summat else recently - Bernoulli might know.

    I raised £600 for them in 2000 - happy for some of it to be used on a worthwhile cadet project.

    Another approach might be to put a post on the REME Board and see if there's anybody there who can help out with a bit of training skills for their guys...

    good luck that Unseen Uni (non) Grad :lol:
  12. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    As Goatman says, Try local REME TA, maybe that might work or MT at any military establishment, regular or TA, reservist, whatever. Don't ask, don't get. Maybe try and use it as a project to get relations between organisations working, a bit of quid pro quo without having to spend quids..gettit?