Charity Madness?

A few year ago when I was an ameba in the Army, we where told that for future promotion we should get involved in some sort of charity work. This would not only look good on our CR’s but would help when it come to the promotion board.

Now I don’t know what has happened since then, but the Army has gone charity mad, to the point of constantly encroaching on our personal time. Now before you all start picking on me, I don’t have a problem doing any sort of charity work, I volunteer for a charity called crisis every Xmas in London. But I believe charity work should not be used as a promotion gauge. People should not be pushed into organising charity event to…What’s the buzz word now?......”Profile” themselves, there senior management or to make the regiment look wonderful in the public eye. I say this, as I have a new boss, just started this week. He has started delegating us to organise charity events, events so ludicrously large that we are constantly working extra time to organise them or giving up our very limited free time up.

It just seems all very fake to me! You either want to help charities or you don’t! You should get promoted on you job and your willingness to get of your own arse and do extra things to profile yourself.

Maybe our new boss is trying to get himself promoted again?
very true.

charity should be something that comes from an individuals own sense of responsibility, rather than hoisted on to them by a higher authority :?
Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?
Sounds like an illegal order to me. Personally I'd tell him to do his own charity work, I joined the British Army not the Salvation Army. The worst he can do is give you a crap CR, and then its redress time, which you will win.

People like that really grip my Sh*t, same goes for God botherers who make the lads go to church so that they look good. :evil:


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Charity begins at home. Next time he is out helping the needy and oppressed, nip to his house and roger his missus :D

More seriously, there is a real point here of wasted/misused resources. It's bad enough the crabs flying off on vital 'training' missions (and just happening to take Mess Kit with them - and just 'happening' to meet s Sun Journo who sits on their knee for the photo...) but this is possibly even worse. The Army simply doesn't have the money to waste on massive charity events. If anyone thinks that these things are a 'free good', then they are sadly mistaken. Use your time and money (same thing, really) to organise decent, relevant training for the Troops - it'll be more use, and they'll enjoy it more. They didn't join the Salvation Army, either.
charity these days is being abused. People think they'd look good doing this that and what ever, yet its those people that get the good "well dones" for doing bugger all apart from greed work.

You should do charity work because you want to not because some idiot says too.
Doing it on Company time in a mass organisation way is not right.
Would fall under "aid to a civilian organisation" I think, which usually requres approval for expenditure of the Queen's resources.
doing charity work e.g. fund raisers etc can be a laugh! A group of mates doing something together to raise money. Planned right is fun. I done alot of fund raisers and had a good time whilst raising money for a good reason.

Did charity work in the navy but that was mainly when we went on deployments to deprieved countries we'd take clothes, toys and other things that we collected from woolworths etc to give to these children. Built play grounds............the look on those childrens faces are priceless and we weren't forced to do it. All volunteered
Maybe sort the difference out between doing "charity" work, and actually becoming a volunteer for a charity?

how many people say they do a lot for charity but have really dipped into their pockets to help the charity,or done a one off project, not done any actual groundfloor volunteering for any length of time??
Well, i can put my hand up.

Instead of useless crimbo pressies, i sent a donation to charity on behalf of my 2 aunties. Money was sent to buy Thermal Blankets and medical supplies just before christmas, so i hope it was used to help the tsunami survivors :lol:
i brought my uncle a goat for xmas! it cost £25 and is sent to families in 3rd world countries so thye can raise it and make cheese/milk or what ever helps get them money. Adoption!

Iv'e volunteered for many things aswell as giving money. I can't stand to see little helpless children suffereing through no fault of their own! ok adults aswell but its deeper when it comes to children or the sick i think
Following the maxim charity begins at home i bought myself several half priice DVDs in the New Year Sale. :D

An Tsunami victim who wants to come and watch Band of Brothers over a beer or 2 is more than welcome to join me. :p

On a more serious note...

Nah, as it's the Naafi I won't bother :D

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