Charity- Help!

Hi there folks!

My name's Lorna and I'm a fundraiser at the KIDSCAN Children's Cancer Research Centre based in Salford (near Manchester).
The charity's relatively new- it's only been around for 2 and a half years but we've already made massive progress in the field of children's cancer research.

Because we're such a small fundraising team (4 people), it's really difficult to get out there and persuade people to help us raise the funds our scientists need to keep on looking for better treatments for children with cancer! That's why I'm here!

We have a whole array of fantastic fundraising events on the go that we'd really appreciate support for including the usual challenges like Great North Run, 10k Run. whitewater rafting, treks abroad, parachuting and outward bound...and we also have more unusual stuff like FIREWALKING and JAILBREAKING! as well as the usual events like our New Year Ball at Mere Golf Club.

We also hold regular street collections and need LOTS of people to shake tins and buckets, in particular at our football ground collections for which we often need more than 60 collectors at a time!

Even if you can't help, please read about our work and tell your friends/family/colleagues and if you could point me in the direction of people in our area who might be able to help (like local ACFs/OTC), we'd be so grateful!

Thanks! :D

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