Charity Falklands Rugby Match.

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by happyhammer, Jun 14, 2007.

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  1. If you are in and around the Stoop maybe worth a look. check the link to see the charities that could benefit.


  2. I'm going along to take photographs :D
  3. 33-33 at the final whistle!, but overall the Falklands Task Force Team were the best I thought and were robbed of a victory! :wink:

    A really fab match, and heartily supported by the crowd. :D
  4. My mate played in that today, for the Falklands team, J** F.
    Big ugly bugger, hope he had a good one as I didn't get to see it.
  5. It was a risky job taking pictures with half a ton of Military muscle steaming towards me... :wink:

    my pics are not great...tut, but i will send some over to their webiste which they might post :D
  6. Were you playing! Our local tonight was a bit quite as most of them went to the game.
  7. Dare I say...that given the size of the Military community, and the civvy one too....a few more arrses on seats would have notched up the charity fund.

    Those who didn't go really did miss out.
  8. It was a cracking day out - sad it was so under-attended. Good game, nice to see us old types enjoying it with the youngsters, and not much of a queue for beer....result!

    Well done everyone involved in setting it up, and I hope SAMA did OK out of it.
  9. T'was a good afternoon indeed.
    I also expected more bums on seats, but hey, some is better then none.
    Managed to get one of the match balls, which i shall auction at the beginning of next season down my club.
  10. I played in the match Saturday it was a great occasion, Most of the men had tears in their eyes at some stage of the game. It’s a great pity that more people weren’t there to see the game and give support to the cause.
    Big thanks to all the people who organised it, no need to mention names you know who you are. Must say on the night I did get very very very drunk.
  11. Bootyboy...check your PM's :wink: