Charity event brainstorming.

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by TheBrave, Oct 12, 2011.

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  1. I am really keen to organise a charity event in support of a forces charity and my local community
    i have been thinking about it for while but i guess i just do not know where to start.

    I have been thinking about a winter style ball, maybe an xmas style theme.

    would local venues be willing to subside costs because it is a charity event, would the press be
    happy to get involved?

    Can i please get some advice on this matter, maybe some good ideas and tips to a successful event.

  2. Where is it ?
    Is it in a field ?
    Does it have car parking ?
    What is the charity ? RBL H4H etc
    Do you have volunteers ?
    What if it rains ?
    Do you need to notify the council/Police ?
    Do you need to print T shirts make stuff ?

    just a few quick ideas
  3. By event, do you mean a piss up type event? If you mean activity, how about doing the Cresta Run? I was tempted a few years back, but bottled it. That would gain a lot of interest.

    Or the Birdman of Bognor. That would be fun fun fun!
  4. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Oh dear. Come and sit on Daddy's knee and relax, yah? Try to be less keen. Daddy will do the keen, dont you worry.

    You are too late to book a decent venue at the weekend between November and early January. It may have escaped your notice but many people like to have office parties, family do's and weddings at this time. These are all 'winter style' on account of it is winter. As for an xmas style theme, I assume you mean Christmas, yes? I think you will find Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and every other ****** who is trying to flog 'xmas' tat has that one covered. People are bored with it.

    No. They are running a business. They have bills to meet and staff to pay. Given the choice between renting out their venue for £10,000 and giving it to you for free for your 'xmas winter style charity ball'.... how can I put this?

    In an winter style ball with an xmas style theme? Dunno. I imagine they would be ecstatic but you would have to ask them. I’d start with the Financial Times and work my way down to The Sun.

    Look, anything done to raise money for a good cause is a good thing. But maybe start small? Like a stall at a Sunday market. Or making papiermache animals and selling them to your friends? Then sort of work up to The Duchesses Ball In The Winter Palace?

    Good luck. And it is Christmas. Not xmas.
  5. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    And you cannot say 'brainstorming'. It is disrespectful to mongs, window-lickers, arm-flappers, flids, raspberries and wheelers.
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  6. I was on the committee for a H4H charity ball a few years ago. We started planning it 10 months in advance. Bear in mind that it is a party packed time of year so you will have competition and if you are offering a couple of limp Christmas Trees and some flaccid tinsel then the punters will spend their money elsewhere. The average "Charity" do costs about £55 per person if you do it properly; reception drinks, 3 course meal, couple of bottles of wine on the table, disco... Some companies will allow you to pay after you have had takings from tickets, however they are reluctant to unless they know you personally or you have built up a name for yourself through having held similar events in the past. If you can send out a really exciting invitation (get mailing lists for local clubs if you can) about 2 months in advance then you might get enough money in to help pay companies up front - if you explain the situation they will try and accommodate but they will be very unlikely to give you anything for nothing, save that for when you are begging for the auction/raffle prizes...)
    You also need something really unique to make people want to come and splash the cash. We made £10k on the raffle, but had really good prizes that were hard to get hold of elsewhere - week in Tuscan Villa, specially commissioned Bryn Parry cartoon, pair of idle Subalterns (they made £600!!) etc. We also had the Army School of Ceremonial marching about during the reception drinks then got the instructors in to do an amazing drumming display in UV skeleton costumes after supper.
    Basically - make it good and put time and effort in or you will end up with some shite mobile disco in a Village hall and the few guests you do persuade to attend will steer well clear of any future events. Good luck
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  7. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Ask anybody involved in charity fund raisers and they will tell you times is tough. Fewer people prepared to part with £55 a seat, lower take on auctions / raffles etc. The key to it all is making sure people have a blast and you do that by applying a little imagination. Like Babs says there is a shitload of planning and hassle involved so my advice would be start planning now for Christmas 2012.
  8. If it's a fund raising event you want to organize then think big:
    (papier mache models indeed!)

    The Shard is due to be finished soon (topped off, I believe the term is) So get in quick and organize an abseil from the top of the thing. Royal marines are mad for this sort of caper so you'll have no problem getting the 'talent'. Have a look through Variety and see which Lovey/soap star/BB contestant is about to do panto and suggest they get involved for the publicity.

    For an added frisson of excitement don't bother to trouble the owners/management of the building with any form of request. Simply find a handy er.. skylight and crack on. This will guarantee press interest, at least - I'd certainly film it from the ground (for artistic, perspective reasons of course)

    You'll have to be quick mind, or you'll find yourself being trumped by 'Fathers for Justice'
  9. Thanks for all your responses, as for the "xmas" problem, i apologise if i caused any offence with the term, Barbarella your event sounds like it took alot of planning and preperation.
    i will start small like suggested and work my way up hopefully.
    Maybe ill organise a fitness event through my town, a run in costumes/fancy dress?

  10. Do not despair - First - plenty of hotel/party venues have capacity because there is a recession on and they are not as busy as previous years , Second - decide which particular service charity you wish to support, contact them and see if they have volunteers in your area who can help you with the planning - Third think about a party after Christmas - everyone is miserable after the 'Christmas party season' is over so a shindig in the new year might appeal. Either way good on you for trying to do something positive.
  11. Iron Duke, I am a mong, window-licker, arm-flapper, flid, raspberrie and wheeler so, I can use the term 'brainstroming and give you permision to use it too....

    Political Correctness gone madder than a MPs wife (or lover/partner/friend etc.....).
  12. If you're not up to a 'brainstorm' perhaps a 'mindshower' would be better ?
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