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Today at work we had a visit from a charity group (I've forgotten the name of it! :oops: ) where you can donate to ANY UK registered charity thru your payroll.The company you work for has to sign up to the charity.
Unfortunatly,on the list they had was only listed the Army Benevolent Fund for the military (probably due to it being N.I)
I signed up.Every 2 weeks (I'm paid that way) a fiver (at the moment) will be taken from my pay & that, along with Gift Aid,will go to the ABF.
(I'll get the online address tommorrow)
I think it's a good idea.Saves the hassle of setting up DD's ect.
The Army's payroll charity scheme is administered by a not-for-profit called SWCG

Your admin office should have details. Not quite sure how this works under JPA but they will have an idea. The form used to be called SWCG 1 or similar

You can nominate single or multiple charities (not just the ABF !) or you can pay the monthly amount into a "chequebook" account which you can then use to drop into any collecting tin or in response to anyone collecting for charity appeals etc. I use this voucher system which I find very useful.

SWCG credit your account with the income tax added back to your donation saving you the nause of remembering when you do your tax return how much you have given and gift aided

It's simple, effective, reliable and I am mystified why more people do not take advantage of it

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