Charity!!!! Donations required for Parachute Regiment and 16AA

Below is a letter I planned to write to Bad CO but his mailbox is full the popular twat so I shall post it on here in the hope that people appreciate what is being done for some, the arrse community is a wide and varied group and some will not take kindly to this but wI would ask they be respectful and save the cheap comment for the naafi and see this for what it is.


Hello Sir or whatever Im supposed to call you, looking for a steer in the right direction, a friend of mine is about to compete in the nokia coast to coast challenge, covering 109miles in Scotland, she will be doing this in aid of the Parachute Regiment charity which covers all units within 16AA brigade of which im sure you are aware are deploying to theatre as we speak.

I should make you aware that she is a civvy and has done this out of no other reason then to help the current deployed unit in a way she can based on who she is, with your permission I would like to create a thread within the charity section requesting donations, as a long term user I understand the high possibility of people getting a sad-on but if we cannot support those in harms way what reason is there for this site? obviously I have a vested interest in this as I am one of the above.

She begins her challenge on saturday 18th however there is no cut-off time for donations and her current employment will match all donations (she works in the city so it will be nice to get some cash out of them)

I would appreciate a reply post haste as I know this is a Regiment specific charity and the website has strong ties to Hols4Heroes however I think it is a worthy cause and worth of members attention.

Yours Sincerely


Link is below, anything would be much appreciated.

Michelle Titcombe is fundraising for The Parachute Regiment Charity
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