Charity donation need suggestions - yes, it is ME - Ling

Chaps (and closet soldier homosexuals),

I have just done my year end accounts and have made a fortune as usual :) so happy to stuff £500 to a deserving Taliban target. Always happy to support brave Tommy Atkins.

Bored with all the usual charities (worthy that they are) so if you can give me suggestions for £500 that will make a difference to a smaller and effective cause, please give me info.

Would not be adverse to supporting an individual, or unit in theatre, as long as they would not immediately drink it. Although I could think of worse things to do with it. May as well have it BEFORE you get IED'd. I believe I can post anything anywhere to Blitish unit FOC, is that correct?

£500 of porn to FOB Edinburgh or wherever is being mortared these days?

Those who don't know me, don't worry, I am a Chinese who is on your side (not just manufacturing your bullets) :)

Suggestions, please???



Nit. Hahaha Phil. I am making valid point here, that pissed troops are harder to hit with mortars.

No rear-echelon suggestions please, I have just had big shit :)

Porn. Lots and lots of porn.

Sorry, was miles away there. What was the question again?
I understand the No1 choice gift.

Not sure if the Military Wives calendar is appropriate this year.

Seriously, suggestions please. I will check back tomorrow.

嘿凌你的疯女人。这是怎 么回事?
BLESMA are bloody useful at the moment given the modern squaddie fashion for leaving limbs lying about!

Hello Ling. Long time since we heard from you. Nice to see you back. Hope you are still selling loads of cars.

I don't have a suggestion right now, but I'm glad to see that you are the charitable sort. I may get in touch with you next year. An old mate of mine from when I was serving got in touch with me recently about a big charity walk next year to raise funds for the breast cancer campaign we'll be in your part of the world (er, that's Newcastle, not China!) in May 2013.

Might you be interested?
Apologies in advance for a serious answer.

Many charities pool their funds, it's hard to see how your cash is having an impact. I'd heartily recommend a volunteer charity committee from your local area. I've seen first hand how a donation like yours can make a large difference, and it's a chance to do your bit for your local community.

Seeing as it's the NAAFI though, I reckon you should pulp it down and make a papiermache dildo out of it for headstabbing tramps with.
Right. I am working now, and have read these replies.



I am increasingly annoyed at sponsoring "Walks" "runs" "climbs" and even worse, adventure holidays wrapped in a charity event cover. I think people should pay for their own holidays. :) Worthy though they are.

I would be far more inclined to sponsor things that are useful, eg: sponsored prosthetic limb carving, gardening, redecorating for people who can't manage it, or even sponsored window cleaning for OAPs or sponsored mobile brothels.

Hope you see what I am getting at? If all the energy poured into things like walks went into useful things like repointing people's brickwork and weeding gardens, the world would be better.


I like the tramp stabbing. THAT is useful.


spaz: Your Chinese is shit.


hahahaha, more useful suggestions, please.

For £500, you'd get a round dozen African, six Indonesian, or a tenth of a Japanese infant off the internet for some squaddie who's had his nadgers shot/blown off and who wants to start a family.


For £500, you'd get a round dozen African, six Indonesian, or a tenth of a Japanese infant off the internet for some squaddie who's had his nadgers shot/blown off and who wants to start a family.
What do you do with 1/10th of a Japanese yard ape? I don't think propagation works with children.
Keep your money Ling, and use it to knock down your prices, you robbing psuedo-northerner.

Seriously, it has to be Hols4Heroes
Jeez, that Holidays4Heroes need livening up a bit. It's like a funeral director's website. Masses of text, and some "cute" bears. Are they raising money or putting everyone to sleep?

They need to get a grip I think. Why make it so BOOOOOORING?

Personally, I always thought that charity that provides a cold beer immediately on wheels up from the shit pit was pretty direct and appreciated.

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