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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Sabre, Jul 7, 2006.

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  1. OK I am well and truly peeved off, with these people.
    Call me a heartless pr1ck if you want but I don’t care.
    These people are like a parasite on human nature and I shall explain why.

    OK I was in the pub the other night chatting away with a few friends and the bar was packed out. We were sat down having a chat about what would hurt up more a frying pan in the kisser or a kettle of boiling water poured over ya nads, anyway, a bucket lands in the middle of the table, with a load of roses in, this foreign twat looked at us, and goes you like a buy a rose, its for charity, only 1 note, they cheap'. When he was promptly was told to go fourth and multiply, he started kicking up a stink trying to shame our group into buying one, this went on for about 5 minutes!! Before the landlord threw him out.

    Next day I was catching a flight, in the airport they had charity boxes everywhere, and just before you get off your flight, they ask for donations of foreign coins that go to UNICEF. Not just this one flight I was on but all 3 of them!!

    I left customs, and yet again there was another charity can shoved under my face. Again when agreed I would give to women breast cancer scheme as I thought more women should have it, they then start protesting at the top of there voice trying to shame me.

    The icing on the cake came today. I went into a DIY store, and as I walked out there was a disabled person, putting on the homeless look as they always do, in a wheel chair staring at people as they were coming in and out of the store. I wouldn’t have minded so much, but this freak was wheeling his chair back and forth blocking people coming in and out of the door unless they contributed, if they didn’t contribute, he wouldn’t let them past.

    When i arrived home, i found the letter box crammed full with please give generously envelopes, and even five minutes after i got in one even had the nerve to knock on my house door! Even when you say no to them they wanna know ya lifes history!

    I came to a conclusion, if I gave 1 coin of the lowest denomination to every one of these collectors a day I would be in need of having some one out there with a bucket collecting for me.
    Why cant these people Understand its our right which charity we want to contribute too or if at all, and not for them to try and shame us.

    What are your thoughts?
  2. I quite agree, I never give to charity and haven`t for several years unless its for the Burma Star Association or a Poppy collector, both of which I don`t view as a charity, more a case of "they`ve earned it". The ones that come through the door I just leave outside hoping they`ll get the message. :roll:
  3. our local town centre is like Dodge City, they hang around in packs waving clipboards and try getting you to sign direct debit mandates. You can't walk the length of the high street without being accosted. Patronising remarks such as "Its only a glass of wine/pint of beer" do not help. They seem to miss the point that it is MY beer and I spend my moneyon what and where I like. Plus half of them seem to have never done a days work in their insignificant lifes. I do however give to the British Legion and Autistic Charities as I have a vested interest. F'ing liberals. Forgot to mention the bogus rose sellers that stalk the local pubs saying that the money goes to charity. Like f*ck.
  4. i get pissed of that i cant go and buy anything at the local supermrket without getting acosted by a charity collector.
    its either a charity collection or an RAC man trying to get you to sign up............fek i dont even want to be at the bloody shop, never mind get acosted everytime i do go there :cry:

    I did make an exeption on weds though when i put a few bob in the tin of the gent collecting for SSAFA

    I think i am getting to be a grumpy old man know i have a few grey hairs :x
  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I give to the Sally Army when they come in my local but if someone sticks a bucket under your nose,(even children in need!) it's a no-no for me!! What's to stop some thieving scum having a helping hand? And see those funking bin bags that get shoved thru your door every week? i SOO much want to fill one with horse sh1te & leave THAT out!!!
    Nah Cats protection,Legion,RAFA & Cancer Research are the only one's I give to! (Apart from Sally Army in the pub!)
  6. Well you know, you could call me a charity collector too, but their is a huuge difference of those charity collectors and us Soldiers Angels. We don't go into bars or on the streets, we write of what we do and ask people to help. Okay we do spreed the word but if you don't want to, you don't have to. It's for our Soldiers, if for Americans, British, German or Canadian, we support our Soldiers and that's it. That we can't do everything on our own is absolutely understandable.

    Also some of us start some little stupid things like I did recently, you don't have to join, if you don't like it don't do it. If you want to help, hey I am the happiest girl in this world, but those people that collect on street showing that behavior? Who knows if they don't put the money into their own pockets...

    Over here they also go from house to house and door to door. GAWSH I hate that, telling them that I have enough on my own plate doesn't actually bother them, they are going to bug you till you want to call the cops.
  7. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    I completely agree with you Sabre, especially when you consider that the nice young girls who go arround pubs on a Friday evening
    in the City get 50% of the takings themselves for their efforts (have you ever noticed that pub collectors always seem to be either
    cancer or childrens charities??)

    In regard to the less able person (read phlid) out side your local B&Homebase:
    There are some very strict rules governing licensed charity collectors on the streets under
    the Charities Act 1992 Charities Act
    which I believe even goes to the extent of preventing them from rattling their tins and crying out for

    In any case almost anyone collecting in public should be licensed by their local authority and if not
    you can call the local fuzz :twisted:
  8. I find if you just give a polite Pissss off they tend to do one quick or if your quick witted then try to make the sickest joke about there charity you can think of, some thing like, "yeah here's 10p how many African children will you inject with aids for that?"

    infact we could have a little competition what’s the sickest charity collector related comment you can think of?

    I’ll start with

    "child abuse, you mean you can actually pay in advance to hit kids? brilliant how long do i get kicking the little feckers for £1?"
  9. Have you noticed that they position themselves on the high street with military precision? Both sides of the street, at entrance/exit to/from car park alley ways etc. You need to zig-zag to avoid them! Drove into a small town one Sunday a month ago to be mystified at suddenly finding myself in traffic. Turned out to be a cnut in a yellow wig and a collection bucket. He was stopping incoming traffic the necky twat! On leaving the village I noticed cars entering from this point being stopped by a tart in a wig! On the return journey same again. It's like a form of taxation in my view. And the envelopes through the door? They average about 2 a week along with loan offers and win notification letters! What about MTV? One minute you're watching some bint gyrating to rap music, next moment it's a doe eyed African kid swallowing flies!

    Also while in the waiting lounge of an airport I noticed two glamour babes trying to sell a VISA card or something. I noticed how they only approached young, single and ugly men! Talk about whoring yourself out. In another airport I was approached re. a VISA card (that day it was handsome men who were the target), I asked the bint about competitive interest rates and she was feckin' stumped!! She hadn't a clue what she was doing. I said I'd need to read over the small print and could she give me some info. to take away. NFI!
  10. Oh and I forgot to mention 'trick or treat'. Gaggles of horrid kids with bodged up face paint, stood with carrier bags open like scavenger sharks! Gone are the days of a chockie here or a bon-bon or two there. Now it's like a sugar-fest mugging! 'Give us all your feckin' sweets or we'll scratch ya' car ya' bestard!' What you might not realise is these kids are well drilled, one goes out on a recce, get's candy and suddenly you are 'easy touch'. Makes me larf' though with lights off, 'But he was in a minute ago!!!'
  11. there is only one tin i will empty my pockets of change for and have often put in notes. royal british legion

    as for the others, the more guilty they try to make me feel the less i am inclined to give.

    had a studenty type accost me with clipboard and purple hair asking for the troubled kids in iraq. after 6 months of being stoned by the little barstewards my opinion wasnt too high of them. the money doesnt go to them anyway... oxfam and co take about 60% of it.

    anyway after my excuses and weasely ramblings of no change, and although the offer to pay by card was appealing, i only had my sparkasse card on me as i was a german student* studying in the uk, she looked at the german cash card blankly... looked back at me....turned on the spot.... then she began to do some wierd dance... right in the middle of the highstreet singing to some hippy wierdo tune she had prolly made up on the spot "this gentleman wont give to the kids in iraq................ at a time of giving........ at christmas!" this was performed at the top of her voice to really entertain the other xmas shoppers and make a spectacle. then she wanders over and holds out her paw in a "give me money now" stance.

    i could not even mouth any obscenities towards her just then. i just stared at her blankly... i could not believe the neck of this bird

    "BITCH" says i in a hushed, yet surprised tone. secretly wanting to bayonet her in the chest

    her image is still burnt in the back of my brain. since then i have held a deep hatred for charity tins :)

    *im not really a german student it was the first thing i could think of hoping to stun her somehow with my limited deutsch and escape. after all this one had managed to stay on my tail and not took the hint like the others.. i was cornered!!!
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Feckin great idea!! I'm gonna dig my old one out & stash it in the wallet in case!!
  13. A pocket full of washers seems charitable enough. They make a tidy rattle and you get a smile too.
  14. hey you could take them from wheel chairs the mongs never put up a fight! apart from the more mobile ones, there dead hard and freeky strong!
  15. They form a line around my teams football ground, kids with buckets. Grips my shitt.