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Is it true that H4H & other 'new' charities only cater for victims & families of current conflicts? I'm looking at setting up a modest direct debit but it's unlikely to be to them if they're closed to 20th century claimants.


Your right Fingers. In general they are springing up for current conflicts.
To assist others in the way you describe I would look at SSAFA, ABF, Combat Stress, St Dunstans or your own Regt Assn.
Posted: Thu Mar 11, 2010 3:11 pm

When Help4Heroes announced its Headley Court Project, Gordon Brown, instead of cringing with shame and robustly declining the H4H offer, openly welcomed the initiative on National TV. He even went so far as to appeal to the public to support them.

H4H now dominates the Service Charity sector. Apart from a grant of £3.5 Million to Combat Stress, sadly used to build a new Admin HQ and not directed into frontline PTSD treatment, most of its money is spent building Medical facilities to treat serving Soldiers. These include the Headly Court project and 4 Army Recovery Centres. The MOD does not ask charities to build workshops, stables, cookhouses, officer’s messes or billet blocks, yet it has no qualms about begging for funds for Medical facilities. Using H4H fundraising potential allows them to abdicate their statutory responsibility for the recuperative care of its most precious commodity, Tommy Atkins. It is another stealth Tax, cynically exploiting those who contribute to the publicity and marketing savvy H4H.

The H4H website states that is free from the restrictions of normal Service Charities, responding instead to Service Chiefs and Directorates. In fact unlike all other Service Charities it is now a revenue raising branch of the MOD. The latest online Soldier magazine has an article on how the MOD are deeply concerned about the numbers of injured serving soldiers awaiting rehabilitation treatment, hence not deployable, it tells how they, in collaboration with H4H and TRBL, are going to tackle the issue. Both charities are going to cough up £30 Million to build the Army Recovery Centres. (We had excellent Army Recovery Centres in Catterick, Tidworth, Colchester and Aldershot, they were called Military Hospitals by the way.) To compound this, a review of long term rehab provision is underway, it is highly likely that the DMRC will move to Brum to be next to the Orthpods and other specialities. This effectively means that the Swimming Pool and Gym, funded by H4H may well have a limited lifespan. If MOD have clearly identified the Army Recovery Centres as an operational requirement, it follows that they should fund these under the UOR scheme instead of pleading poverty and begging for support.

Whilst H4H continues with its quest for charitable donations to fund buildings and facilities on behalf of MOD and the Service Chiefs, the rest of the Service Charities, who will always be there for all veterans, are struggling to make ends meet. This is partly due to the recession but mainly to the H4H drive to meet new targets. H4H states on its website that its profile has actually helped other Service Charities, this is not true. The Public tend to give to one Service Charity, currently H4H through high profile marketing. Nearly all Service Units and many individual Servicemen are engaged in H4H Fundraising in some form or other, often through CoC and Peer pressure influence. Two years ago this effort would have been directed towards long established Service and Regimental Charities. I read in the Mail that the ABF must now find money for grants for the ever increasing numbers of penniless Ghurkhas arriving to live in the UK following the Joanna Lumley campaign. Perhaps H4H or TRBL could redirect some of their affluence towards those Veteran Ghurkhas.

Having spoken to many UK visitors and Veterans coming to Ypres over the past 6 Months I was amazed to find that the majority think that H4H is building modern Royal Chelsea Hospital type facilities for the full life care of the medically discharged. They were dumbfounded to find that H4H was being used to provide essential facilities for serving Soldiers. I have no doubt that H4H and its people are highly laudable and full of good intentions, but I believe their outstanding fundraising efforts must be a source of great comfort the Gordon Brown and his cronies.

The H4H website tells how the MOD had to prioritise its spending and the new Charity was chartered to meet any shortfall in Medical care provision. For that I read that providing a seamless, properly funded Medical system from point of injury to full recovery or medical discharge, was not an MOD priority, just bits of it. The £40 Million they have saved by H4H activity can now be channelled to New Labour PC projects such as its equality and diversity programmes or wasted by MOD on procurement mismanagement. It is less than 1% of the MOD budget and 0.1% of that spent on Social Security for the workshy and other spongers. It would pay just 40 of the 1000 Bonuses recently given to the Taxpayer funded RBS or pay the Annual Bonuses of the top layer of Civil Servants.

On the other hand that £40 Million would have made a huge difference to the lives of Veterans of past and future conflicts. Many Veterans, who suffered appalling mental and physical injuries, are now largely abandoned by the MOD and UK Government. Their only sources of assistance from poverty, misery and the cold are grants from the long established Service Charities, now side lined by the H4H revenue generating machine. A fraction of that £40 Million would have helped refurbish all of the Sandes Soldiers Homes, a worthwhile, struggling Charity which provides good facilities and Family meals for Soldiers in Garrisons such as Catterick.

As an unashamed supporter of all those currently serving and fighting and my comments here are not directed at them in any way. My gripe is with MOD for using H4H as a begging bowl to fund its responsibilities and with H4H for unwittingly collaborating with them. I know that I will be roundly abused for publically airing my views; nonetheless I am not alone in thinking as I do. Many feel it is not PC to speak out against H4H and its cynical exploitation by the Government, opting to stay silent instead.

This was posted on the RHQ, Pay and Personel Forum. I post it to this Forum as i appears more relevant. Although I have supported H4H extensively, I must agree with Olen they are doing the MOD/Govment work for them

Forgot to add Link:

Suggest you read the above by Olen. Not only is H4H fundraising on behalf of the Government, it is creating a two tier system of recognition. I know for certain that the young soldiers of today would not want Veterans from other wars excluded on their behalf from access to help. As Olen pointed out H4H exists to raise funds for the provision of treatment facilities for serving soldiers. The are quite open about this, it is disgusting that that the Government and MOD uses them in this way. I ask H4H who will look after the Veterans of Afghanistan in 10/15 Years time? I am sure that they will have folded their tents and legged it by then, leaving others to pick up the pieces with depleted resources.

To answer your question, give your donation to an existing Service Charity that is chartered to look after Veterans from all conflicts.


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iancalla said:
Our charity
The Richard Hunt Foundation has just made a donation of £500 to The Queen Alex nursing home in Sussex to help a WW2 vetran get a wheelchair.
So not all deal purely with modern conflicts.

Ian Callaghan

http:// The Richard Hunt Foundation
Good for you! And thanks. Pity he couldn't have got one on the NHS, though that in no way detracts from your organisations kindness.


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fingers_1661 said:
Is it true that H4H & other 'new' charities only cater for victims & families of current conflicts? I'm looking at setting up a modest direct debit but it's unlikely to be to them if they're closed to 20th century claimants.
There is always my favourite charity Erskine Hospital


Auld-Yin said:
There is always my favourite charity Erskine Hospital
Have a lot of time for Erskine. Visited my uncle when he was resident in there and, of course, they provide a lot more than just the home at Erskine.
oldcodger - thanks for the quote from olsen (the link is broken).

Fully agree with the whole post like the two tier WP issues H4H is starting to impact on other services charities in a very negative way which is why I have turned my efforts towards the RBL, SSAFA and Hols4H.

We even have MP's in the Commons suggesting that the RBL has lost the plot and pushes H4H as the charity making the greatest impact.


fingers_1661 said:
Thanks for the answers. I haven't made a decision yet but St Dunstans or BLESMA look likely.
Well done Fingers. :D
One other thing regarding H4H that i was told at a recent charity function
"The merchandise covers H4H overheads we are just breaking even on Merchandise"
also that H4H are a fundraising entity and its down to other charities to help and assist the poor souls that really need the help.
H4H are a government fundraising outfit

That is one hell of a lot of money on overheads, an example is a car sticker sold on H4H for £2 costs less than 12p, wristbands cost under 40p.
H4H Trading are a overhead covering entity, they pay more in overheads than a vast majority of charities make in 5 years.
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