Charity Bike ride.

Hello charitable folks, people of a philanthropic nature and those who want to have a laugh/cringe at me doing something a little bit silly to raise money for charity.

My original plan was to cycle from Wigan via the coastal roads of Wales to Bristol, but as I am short on days I have now changed the route.

On a positive note, I go by well known/interesting sounding places. These will be Snowdon, Devil's Bridge, Llangorse Lake, Brecon and Hereford to name a few! Honest, i'm not on a THEM hunt :D

My initial thought was to do it as training in advance for phase 1 in a different way than just running all over the place. That and I can visit family in Bristol :) (I would have cycled back too, but the 3 days after I arrive in Bristol I have a half marathon I will be taking part in (shuffling through more like) and don't want to miss it!).

As it is, charity was mentioned by a few so figured might as well 2 bird 1 stone it et voila, I have set up a Bmycharity fundraising page. This can be found here Duckie. It has been commented about by some but I have only received ONE donation to date and a few promises, c'mon people!

I have chosen BLESMA as I believe that people who have lost their limbs (especially through the services) should be able to live their lives as they had done previously AND have the opportunity to help better themselves!

It is also one of the major reasons why I have Ammunition Technician as my trade of choice, so as to help prevent/reduce such atrocities occurring to our people and civilians alike!

I have now calculated and plotted my route, the total distance is 347 miles and will take 9 days of cycling.

My last few routes aren't as long because of the half marathon not long after. I want to have at least a fighting chance to kick my (fell runner) sisters arrse, sibling rivalry and all that!

As to funding, I have allocated my own money to the journey as it was intended as a training challenge, all money donated goes straight to BLESMA.




Re-test... ahhh that's better. OK right then. This is the visual representation of my journey. Each leg is represented on the first image as a letter such that:

A to B = Day 1
B to C = Day 2 etc.

I have included 3 images on top of this with closer views so people can see the major towns nearby or on my route




Would it be easier if I take you in my car? It does seem a long way and your bottom might get sore.

Yes it would get sore if you took me in your car, now sponsor me!! If it bothers you that much, you can follow behind me for the journey. It'l be at an extra cost of 50p per mile for damages to my psychological wellbeing of having you staring at my arrse the whole journey and no doubt offering massages at each stop!!!
And that aint back passarge massarges I am talking about! That would be an extra pound per mile for physical damages... shit it sounds like I am pimping myself out!
Still no more than the first donation, c'mon people. I don't even cycle, it may not look like much of a distance each day, but as it's Wales it is no doubt to be hilly. This will kill me! One of the sites I am visiting has been very kind to offer me a free pitching as it's for charity. A good consolation as their pub is closed on the day arrive and they hot water is off. I look forward to the challenge!
I have been very kindly given another tenner to put towards the donation, much easier that way but not everybody gets that chance. The Bmycharity page link is there on the first post so no excuses :)


I have been very kindly given another tenner to put towards the donation, much easier that way but not everybody gets that chance. The Bmycharity page link is there on the first post so no excuses :)

I will donate if you send me a signed photo of you falling off your bike and landing on a goat!!
I will do my utmost to fulfill your request :D If it works out right next year, I might be bringing it in person ;) although there is a likelihood it is more of a chance I will be landing on a sheep! Does that mean I only get half of the offer? :(
What a pity I'm not in Wales to meet you by that time.
Your day 6 and 7 has become something like my 2nd home.
Would have loved to bring you a decent German beer along. ;-)

Good luck and I'll be thinking of you when you pedal like mad up through Talgarth. :lol:
Donation made .... now sit on it ;-)


Kit Reviewer
Best of luck with this and also your other little up and coming venture.

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