Charity Beach Babe Calendar in support of Help for Heroes

In August, 19 top models from across the United Kingdom took part in 2 weeks of photoshoots in the South West of England. Featuring FHM’s High Street Honey 2009 Charlotte Thomson.

The calendar was shot by 2 glamour model photographers, Andrew Thomas and Neil Hartley.

The images are have been produced into the Charity Beach Babe Calendar 2010, which will be sold online to raise funds for Help for Heroes.

Please show your support for Help for Heroes and purchase the calendar!

Visit the Charity Babe Calendar Website

How much from each calendar is going to H4H, do you mind me asking?
The calendar is been printed/distributed to order by a local print house. They have said that the total charge they will make for printing will depend on volume.

Originally it was £3.50 per calendar (which is quoted on the front cover), however due to good sales so far they have increased the contribution to H4H to £4.00, if volume increases then so will the contribution per calendar, I am already negotiating an increase to £4.50.

Other calendars/products I have seen donate a lot less, and we are doing everything to raise as much as possible :)

In the current climate we were unable to find anyone to produce the calendar for free, and with myself working full time I would have not been able to look after distribution myself.

We are hoping if this year is a success then we will be able to negotiate a better deal next year :)
Fair one, and well done for the effort...but THIS home grown effort is donating 100% of their profits!
all pennies needed...

are you noting the sneaky 'bumps' :D
well done on this idea ill certainly be buying a few for friends abroad!!
posted 253 med regt,fulwood,preston. Anyone been there,are there that has any info about the place,were to live etc.Spent to long in germany and now a sunshine tour of England on the cards.All coments welcome good or bad.


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Try this one, you chose a strange thread to dig up and make a first post on, why not try the Medics Forum
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