Charity Auction - Ross Kemp in Afghan season 1+2 DVD set-H4H

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by ash_p, May 19, 2010.

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  1. I was given both seasons of Ross Kemp in Afghanistan as a gift and as I already had both DVD sets I thought I'd put them (the new and unopened sets) up for a charity auction! 100% of the proceeds will go to Holidays 4 Heroes. Of course you COULD get the sets from a shop fairly cheaply, but as this is for a good cause I'm sure you wouldn't mind coughing up a bit more! I'll start the bid off at £15 (for both DVD sets), but if you're feeling really charitable then by all means feel free to dig deep! :D

    Just post in this thread with the amount you'd like to bid, and we'll end it say tomorrow evening to give people a chance. Once the winning bidder has been chosen, either give evidence of your donation to the Hols4Heroes account or PM me for my PayPal address and I'll do so and put up evidence of the donation, then I'll put 'em in the post :)

    The auction is to get some cash together for this chap:

    The 2nd season of Ross Kemp in Afghanistan has a fairly in-depth part on IED victims having lost limbs, so I think we can all agree that anybody in that situation needs a break from all the treatments, etc. Hopefully auctioning off these DVD sets can make a difference however big or small.

    Happy bidding!


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  2. Sure thing, definitely looks worthy of a quid or two! :)

    Edit: Change 1st post to make note of what the cash is going towards.
  3. Excellent :D £25
  4. Good stuff! Can we get any competition going here? :D
  5. Sorry, KP, £40, not seen the second one, plus it's for a good cause.
  6. 50 quid sent via paypal.

    Keep up the good work.

    Rollocks. (Well, you know what I mean!!!)

    This should have been posted on the thread Kernopuss put the link to at the top. (The May Fastball.)

    If this bid wins, put it back and run it again Give to the secon highest, etc as I already have them.

    (Edited as I am a mong and cannot keep up with what thread I have open.)
  7. Auction over??
  8. Brilliant Gadg :thumright:
  9. Got to stick to the original rules stated I'm afraid Gadgwah to give everyone a fair chance and get bids up as high as possible! Though if you aren't out-bid by tomorrow then they're all yours...! Spot on for the donation though!

    So feel free to keep bidding!
  10. £60 in that case :D
  11. This ultimately has got to be one of the most expensive DVD sets going :)
  12. But all in a good cause :D
  13. What can I say, it's a good show! :D
    Good effort so far gents!
  14. We'll end the bidding at 2000hrs. Let's get some competetive bidding going here! It's for a great cause and you also get something in return! :D