Charity Auction - Pathfinder Figure - The Afghanistan Trust

Dear Ouens,

You will be aware that the Pathfinder Company book launch and signing event
takes place on Thursday 16th September at the London Club of the Rifles.

The evening is well subscribed with attendees travelling from the US, Canada,
Germany, Afghanistan and South Africa. Suffice to say, we're flattered and
almost overwhelmed with the interest shown.

If you're still thinking of coming and haven't yet made your plans then do, then
do. It will be a night to remember.....

We're especially priviledged on the 16th to have a team of British Army
Pathfinders in attendance. CSM XXXX and his team will be displaying
their jump equipment, weapons and equipment, allowing those that have served in
airborne forces, to see the current approach to airborne soldiering and the
skills of 'Pathfinding'.

You will, of course, know that the Parachute Regiment has served extensively in
Afghanistan and has served with distinction. Yet with that distinction comes a
price. That of bereaved families and wounded soldiers. To support such families
and the wounded, the Parachute Regiment - and in particular, Colonel Stuart
Tootal - founded the Afghanistan Trust.

On the 16th September, to support the valuable work of the Afghanistan Trust, we
are going to raise funds through a sealed bid auction. This auction is for
Figure No. 1 of the SADF 'Pathfinder' figure we recently commissioned; a limited
edition release of just 30 figures worldwide, with its provenance signed by
Colonel Jan Breytenbach. This release builds upon the success of our RLI Troopie
commission which now sees figures commanding prices in excess of £1000.

We're inviting you to make the highest bid possible for this unique piece of
artwork. Bidding starts at £125.00 and the highest bid received will win the
figure, with all proceeds being donated to the Afghanistan Trust.

Details of the auction can be found at 30 Degrees South UK South African Books - you can either make your bid
online or in a sealed envelope on the night. Whichever way works for you, do
please support this initiative as we look to enhance the enduring efforts of
the Parachute Regiment's Afghanistan Trust.

Because together, we can make a difference.

We look forward to meeting you on the 16th September.

30 Degrees South UK
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