Charity Auction - Combat Stress - Mr. Potatohead pin - ends 13th December 1700


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As you may have noticed, auction activity for Holidays for Heroes has petered out this year, as people's needs change, and accordingly the organisation changes the way it operates and is funded. Peeps are still going on holidays to villas we have, but funding for flights and other stuff is now coming from elsewhere.

For this reason I have agreed with the donors of various items I have been given throughout the year that I will auction them for Combat Stress instead.

This is an auction item for anyone who remembers the good old days of arrse, when Mr. Potatohead was our logo. Kindly donated by @Joker62, a fine fellow, her is a Mr. Potatohead pin, in all its glory.

The auction ends on 13th December, in plenty of time to reach you before Christmas.

A quick reminder of the auction rules :
Please do not bid on an item if you either have no intention of seeing it through or are unable to make the payment for whatever reasons.

If I haven't heard from you within one month of your winning an auction, I will re-auction the item. I will send you reminders, but we need to bear in mind that the disappointed bidders might pay more promptly into a fund which has constant demands on it.

The auctioneer reserves the right to accept or reject any and all bids.
IIf any dispute arises between two or more bidders, the auctioneer may decide to reject both, or may immediately put the lot up for sale again, and resell to the highest bidder.
The decision of the auctioneer shall be final and absolute.

Provided at the customer's own risk, and to the maximum extent permitted by law, the publisher hereby expressly disclaims all warranties or conditions of any kind, written or oral, express, implied or statutory, including without limitation any implied warranty of title, noninfringement, merchantability, quiet enjoyment, accuracy, or fitness for a particular purpose.

Final note - I don't have access to Combat Stress Bank Accounts. The winner would have to be honour-bound to donate as promised. The ghost of Sluggy will be called upon to haunt anyone who doesn't live up to expectation!!!
Ill start the ball rolling with a fiver
The one sluggy gave me needs a partner. £15


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Excellent. Thank you.

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