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Charity Appeal - Mr Barry Normandy Vet

I'm sure everyone is aware of the brutal attack on Mr Barry as detailed in this thread. Just to let you know that we've set up a paypal account to which you can contribute if you wish. So far the tally is at £40. Contributions can be made via paypal to charity@arrse.co.uk

Obviously all money will go direct to the man himself to replace his blazer and buy him a few beers!

Added my contribution to such a noble gentleman. If he doesn't have net access at home maybe his local RBL can log him on here and he'll stop by to say hello sometime.
More kind ARRSErs have meant that the total is now up to £145. I'm not entirely sure how much we actually need but we'll make sure he gets a few beers from us as well. Any excess will go to the RBL .....
I think he should get all of the money .He has had a rough time so lets get him a blazer , an arrse tie
then let him have the excess . We gave our money to him . RBL are a big outfit they will survive without
a few quid from us . Anyone else agree with me ???
Any chance of using the same payment system as last time?

ie a one off payment via credit/debit card?

Don't have/don't want/can't be arrsed to set up a paypal account.

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