Charity Abseils?

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by moodymoddy, Jan 3, 2010.

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  1. As a new years resolution I've decided I want to take up climbing/abseiling, and I've been looking at clubs. I've also registered for a charity abseil off of Guys Hospital in London for Spring, although I havent got any confirmation back for that yet.

    However, I was doing some research and most of the things I came across were companies offering too help set-up charity abseils.* Now I haven't looked into it too much as well - I'm 17 for a start, and I'm hardly rolling in money! So setting it up maybe a bit difficult.

    But I would really like to raise money for Help The Heroes, or another forces charity. ( A huge list there!) I was just wondering if there was any charity abseils or similar for any forces charities, or if you guys had any ideas for drumming up support/finding like minded individuals?

    I've already considered the obvious - buying a domain name, getting some hosting and making a website. Using social networking websites. I'd quite enjoy doing that side of things, as well as approaching businesses for sponsership..

    Just really looking for advice or guidance!

    * Like these places
  2. For insurance purposes and due to the current weather consider indoors, loads of venues in London, check the classifieds on for venues near you.

    Here is Stockport