Charity Abseils?

As a new years resolution I've decided I want to take up climbing/abseiling, and I've been looking at clubs. I've also registered for a charity abseil off of Guys Hospital in London for Spring, although I havent got any confirmation back for that yet.

However, I was doing some research and most of the things I came across were companies offering too help set-up charity abseils.* Now I haven't looked into it too much as well - I'm 17 for a start, and I'm hardly rolling in money! So setting it up maybe a bit difficult.

But I would really like to raise money for Help The Heroes, or another forces charity. ( A huge list there!) I was just wondering if there was any charity abseils or similar for any forces charities, or if you guys had any ideas for drumming up support/finding like minded individuals?

I've already considered the obvious - buying a domain name, getting some hosting and making a website. Using social networking websites. I'd quite enjoy doing that side of things, as well as approaching businesses for sponsership..

Just really looking for advice or guidance!

* Like these places

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