Charges - where does the money go?

If a soldier is charged and the award is say 3 days pay who gets this cash? Does it go to the ABF or back in the army coffers?

If an officer is reprimanded is he asked to make a donation to charity?

If gov coffers is the answer, why can the soldier not elect to donate also?

Bone I know but I am intrigued to the answers.


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Interesting question. Simply put, the money goes back to the MOD. Everything has an accounting code. If its a forfeiture of wages, thats Pay and so its a credit to the Pay vote. If its a Mil fine that has its own vote, but essentially, they all end up back in the Governments coffers.

With regard to the difference between officers and soldiers, thats far more controversial and stems back to historically an Officer wasa Gentleman and therefore surely such cases would never arise and if they did, then they would be dealt with quietly as gentelemen do. If sever enough he would be asked to resign.

In this day and age it would be interesting to see how long this sort of thing can continue before someone puts a case forward about unequal treatment and the whole thing rocks the MOD, before we fall into line and have equal systems. All it needs would need is for something like a Regimental Parade, where a PTE gets charged for missing the parade, while the young Subby gets fined a few bottles of champers on the QT :D
Not overtly concerned about the fact that officers get reprimanded (different topic) and soldiers charged (they are gentlemen and ladies after all (bollox)).

My main gripe is that I cannot elect to steer my cash in a worthwhile direction and in effect pay myself for another 3 days (tax already accounts for 2 mths ish).

This has got to be of dubious legality in some way.

edited to try and stay on subject
stinker said:
(Hmm MoD short of money, charge more soldiers - "Sarnt Major, see you havn't charged many this month do buck up, haven't you heard the Mod's sort of £1bn").
I think I'm catching your drift.

Your line of argument goes:
1. Leak a rumour that the PARAs are going to lose their aircraft because they're too expensive.
2. Charge the troopers with having mutinous thoughts.
3. Use the fines to fund the aircraft.

Foolproof! And everybody gets what they want!

Oh, hang on, though.....


Mighty_Blighty said:
keeffy said:
i always told that all charges go to chelsea pensioners for their upkeep
Yep, I heard that rumour too - is this not the case IT Geek?


As already explained the funds are transferred to the Treasury, ie the MOD. Offrs were asked in the past to contribute to the ABF. AGAI action is now the forum. :D

Is it true that any charges can be claimed back when leaving the service?
:lol: Wouldn't that be great. Think of the huge loss for the MOD.


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Is it true that any charges can be claimed back when leaving the service?

If an officer is reprimanded is he asked to make a donation to charity?
Officially, no. In those units subject to the most intense public scrutiny (such as training regiments), sensible COs will scrupulously avoid such "unofficial" punishments like the plague. However, the one forum wherein such a suggestion is at least partly legitimate is within the Messes.

The Officers' and Sgts' Messes are private bodies, not strictly answerable to the CoC or to MoD. It is entirely possible, therefore, that for an offence that may be construed as "bringing the Mess into disrepute", a Member may be enjoined to make a voluntary contribution to the Mess's charity fund or face referral to the Commanding Officer for an investigation under AGAI 67.

The fact that the President of the Mess and the Commanding Officer are often one and the same is, of course, mere semantics...


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