Charges to be brought in cash for honours?


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It is the News of the World so you know to take it with a pinch of salt, and no need to crack out the celebratory cigars just yet. If true, though, anyone care to join me for a Havana and a brandy? Bliar must be cacking himself right now, and that makes me very happy indeed! :tp: :thumleft:

News of the World
‘I won’t be weak on sleaze like the Tories,’

‘We have got to be whiter than white if we are to rebuild trust in government.’

Tony Blair - March 1997
I don't smoke and I don't like brandy, but I will cheerfully take up both in order to join you in a celebration to surpass all celebrations. Ironically, since there is not a shred of 'honour' amongst those involved in the sale of honours, I really, really hope that they all start grassing up their 'chain of command' in an effort to save their own worthless skins. A few 'I was only following Tony's orders' defences should be enough to at least drag the grinning fool's 'legacy' through the mud, even if it doesn't end up with him being locked up in Parkhurst which is what he really deserves.
And I almost forgot, who was it who said "Sleaze has become the hallmark of the dying days of this administration"? Why one Anthony Blair of course, back in 1997, but how apt it now seems today.
Pg 7 of The Sunday Times reports the same.

See here

It is understood that Levy was questioned about a note of the meeting, said to have been held at Downing Street, when he was arrested last week for allegedly conspiring to pervert the course of justice. One source described the note as setting out an “action plan” for dealing with the police inquiry.

According to a senior Whitehall source, police believe they now have evidence to recommend charges in the investigation. “They (the police) believe there was a conspiracy to cover up evidence over a period of weeks,” said the source yesterday

I live in hope


Please, please, please Old Bill, find enough evidence to bury the bästard!



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OK, I'm slightly ashamed to be providing a link to the Daily Mail but here goes:

Daily Hate

It seems that everything about this government is rotten. They are bankrupt financially and morally. Surely it is time for a motion of no confidence, non?


If President Blair is interviewed under caution then I cannot see how he can remain in power. I feel an emotional few weeks for El Presidenti.
But, if the poo does hit the proverbial fan for El Presidente and he stands down/given vote of no confidence, look who is going to step in to take over....
Its almost enough to make you hope he gets through it...........
No comment.

Telegraph Online said:
Powell to be quizzed again on honours

Jonathan Powell, the Prime Minister's chief of staff, is to be interviewed for a second time under caution by police investigating the cash-for-honours affair.

Mr Powell, who was questioned last summer and again under caution last month, is Tony Blair's longest-serving adviser and privy to virtually all his secrets.

News that he is to be questioned again came last night as Lord Levy, who has been arrested twice in the same investigation, was poised to step up his fundraising for Mr Blair to help Labour pay off the loans to the businessmen that triggered the police inquiry.

Almost £700,000 must be repaid in the next two months to Sir Christopher Evans, the bioscience tycoon, who was himself detained in September as part of the inquiry.

In December, Labour repaid £300,000 of Sir Christopher's £1 million loan. He denies any wrongdoing. Sir David Garrard, the property developer whose peerage nomination was blocked by the House of Lords Appointments commission, is due to be repaid £2.3 million, plus interest, in April.

Lord Levy, who is continuing as Mr Blair's Middle East envoy, has been asked to renew his efforts as the party tries to reduce its record £23 million debt. Last month he was the go-between in the £2 million donation from Lakshmi Mittal, the steel magnate who is said to be worth £14 billion.



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I'm so happy, I'm so happy, I'm so happy, I'm so happy, oooh goody goody goody (not jade).

To think that the Tories were the party of sleeze eh? They've got nothing on Labliar . . . except evidence that is. haw haw haw . . . oh it's made my day it has.

Just wondering if the police kept Bliar's interview secret for a few days so that they could release the info in the public domain when Labliar were quiet with their 'grid' stories . . . if that was the reason why they delayed, good for them and for us.

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Schleswig-Holstein said:
Good cartoon re. Teflon Tone on today :thumright:

Be careful now Schleswig, too close a proximity to Christopher Hitchens can lead to maddening grandiose delusions and the reek of stale booze on your breath.

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