Charges for lost Kit

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by TopSide, Sep 7, 2011.

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  1. Right long story but a fairly expensive bit of kit has gone missing and I'm the unlucky mug who is the last person to have signed for it. I've filled out a statement of loss and been told that if found negligent I'll have to pay the full sum (£3000)!!
    Are there any RQs/QMs out there who can advise if they can charge me the full sum. I'm sure it's only a certain percentage or £1000 maximum but this may just be wishful thinking!!
  2. I'm not sure of the regs as I never lost anything gucci. But I thought the was some % of cost or somesuch too.

    I'm sure some geek will be able to tell you.

    What did you lose?!?! A CVR(T)??!?
  3. Probably HMS Ark Royal!
  4. Sounds a little like scaremongering to me but I can't state that with any authority. I assume you signed for this kit on a 1033? Have a look at whatever paperwork it is and see if there are any caveats on there saying that you guarantee to look after the kit, return it without defects etc etc. If there isn't and they do try and charge you the full whack, take some legal advice. I'm not joking. 3 grand is a lot of money....if you've been reckless with the kit then you deserve to be charged but if someone's stolen it or whatever then it's a lot to lose if you're not really at fault. Legal advice will cost you a damb sight less if it makes the charges go away.

    If it's operational loss you will almost certainly only pay a fraction of the price.
  5. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    so what was it and have you tried ebay?

    also why wasnt it signed back in? get a witness or two.
  6. Signed for it on a 1033 in Dec last year. Whilst away in July i gave it to some collegues to use and on my return the kit has gone missing. Never signed the kit over to them and as a result it's gone 'missing'!
  7. I take it the illustrious colleagues are feigning all knowledge of thus handover? Can you prove the handover of the kit in any way? Don't roll over and take it up the hoop - take legal advice even if you can't prove you handed the kit over. Or speak to these lads you lent the kit to and try and reason with them. If they mug you off then they clearly don't care about your fate....try paying a visit to the RMP and lodging a complaint of theft. Get some top cover.
  8. What is it?
  9. So called colleagues are not denying having being given the equipment but are saying they place in back in my kit on my return. Long story short there is a bit of gap between me getting back and noticing it missing so it could've gone missing/stolen over this period. Happy that I have to accept a level of blame in this but I don't feel I'm ultimately at fault and I've been let down by certain individuals.

    Unfortunately it's nothing exciting. Basically a Gucci multimeter!
  10. Not too gen'd up on army stores (been a couple of years since I attended deep cut for a 3week ad-qual course), but on the navy's E126, us QM's staff normally write a paragraph explaining the events up to the loss. The fact you were deployed will be a mitigating circumstance, (how big is this item? Is it classed as permanent or limited? If you PM us the stores number i can have a check for you) but at the end of the day unless you can prove you handed over custody of the item to someone else, then your pretty much stuffed and all you can hope for is that you won't get charged the full amount (this VERY RARELY happens) or that the QM can and will use his powers of write off (I believe it's set at £5,500 at the moment but I could be wrong). Best to try and have a skeggers at JSP886 for the full set of rules.

    I am here:,-4.182355
  11. A Fluke?....
  12. I think you have a real problem because unless I am completely wrong, anything over a certain amount that is signed for on 1033 is a chargable offense under QR's. I know that because I got charged when I had to replace my damaged suitcase (£20.77 in 1980) and the QM not only made me pay for it but bloody charged me too. I got 7 days ROP's the ba$%^*d.
    I'd go with the 'report it to the RMP' route.
  13. £3K for a feckin multimeter? I think someone's having a laugh.
  14. Not sure if even the MOD would pay £3000 for a fluke!!
    Similar but too sensitive to mention exactly what it is on here.
  15. if you last signed in Dec, the stores require you to re sign every three months on a 1033, on QRs and Mat regs, you do not need written proof that someone has kit to charge them for loss. So your colleagues lost it in the interim period. Stores failed to ask you to resign. Lots of mitigating evidence, this item needs to be written off.