Charges brought for Ellie Lawrenson death

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by semper, Apr 3, 2007.

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  1. A good move. Will emphasise to the irresponsible that they cannot just blame the victim or excuse the actions of the dog's handler
  2. It's a strange old country we're living in where a grieving grandmother's charged with manslaughter through gross negligence after a dog kills her own grandchild. Yet not so long ago, an innocent Brazilian gets 7 bullets in his head and the only charges brought are under Health & Safety rules.
  3. If they didn't have a dangerous dog, chances are she would not be grieving.
  4. True, but she did have a load of class a drugs as well (diamorphine) so she's not some sweet old lady but a pike drug dealer who turned her back while the kid went to play with the 4 legged enforcer!

    You'd be a smarter smart cnut if you were better informed (on both subjects) old boy!
  5. Where may I find the confirmation that she has been charged with possession of class A drugs? And if not, why not? Might it be that whilst you with youir all-encompassing knowledge know her background and dealings, the police did not? Once I have this I can better evaluate the basis for your final paragraph.
  6. Don't see how you can compare the two.

    Did her negligence lead to the death of her grandchild? The CPS seem to think so?

    Did the police officers who shot de menezes (excuse spelling) have reason to believe that he constituted a grave and immediate threat to human life and the only way to remove this threat was to extinguish his life? The CPS seem to think so.
  7. The BBC and other webpapers all report that the she is being charged with possesion as well as manslaughter.
  8. Obviously, I could be better informed.
    However, if that makes me as smart arrse as ping pong head, I'll stay as I am. Thanks anyway.