Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by PeterK4y, Aug 10, 2007.

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  1. Hi all i have just been charged £200 for disobeying a direct order and i need to know if i can pay this in installments as i cant afford this to come out of my wage in a one go, all i have had back of my senoirs is that when they got charged they asked the same and was told yes and they still had it come out all at once, surely as its my money i should be able to do somthing and if they say yes they can should i get it in writing and would i be able to do anything if it did come out after they had said yes. thanks :?
  2. No its not your money. Its the Armys now and they will take however they see fit. Ie. in one go.

    When you say 'cant afford it' do you mean you want to give as little as possible so you can buy Playstation games and not feel like youre actually paying a punishment?
  3. You have to ask if you can pay in installments early ie before the sentence. so its too late now as they already have it. unless of course you are planning to do it again? :?
  4. No im not a child and dont want to buy playstation games im married with three children and have debts and lots of bills its a fine line i walk every month just to get by i put in my mitigating circumstances for the charge im willing to pay my charge just not in one go
  5. I know the navy are allowed to pay the 'award' over 2 or three pay days depending on the amount. It wont hurt to ask the obvious question I guess. Just make sure you ask the right person and not those who harp on about how bad they had it when they marched under a gold eagle!
  6. Would you really trust them to get something like an installment plan correct? They can't even pay people correctly let alone get technical like this.
  7. I think most people would empathise with your situation, however maybe you should have taken that into consideration prior to disobeying the order
  8. Unless the rules have changed under JPA, they can take 3 days' gross pay in one go which means that, If you've been in for more than about 3 years they can take the whole lot. Go and see your Pl Comd and explain your situation. You may be required to produce a detailed list of outgoings and your latest financial position and he or she should be able to arrange for it to be taken in instalments.
  9. Not sure of the exact terms but under legislation (which should overrule JPA) a married serviceman must have at least 2/3rds of wages paid.

    If therefore the amount taken is more than this they have taken too much and would need to take it in installments.

    However I think it is based on gross not net and dont have time to find the link as yet.
  10. Its 4 days pay the same as if you get overpaid, they can however try and trick you into signing a form saying to take it all as a oner.
  11. This sounds such a easy option ,Getting fined £200 i would pay it and learn from my mistakes . You try receiving the hard treatment someone phoning you every hour of the night and swearing that hurt me more than anything :oops:
  12. And it'll continue to happen, mongaloid Chubbster. Even at your funeral you'll get abuse.
  13. Suggest you see the families officer, or even the padre they can sometimes find a solution in times like these.
  14. Things may have changed in the 13 odd years since I left, but at that time if you had a bank allotment marked up as Family Maintenance, the Army would not stop / reduce it before they made deductions such as fines.

    I'm sure that someone more up to date may be able to say whether you could set one of these allotments up now for say £50 less than your salary so you can pay the fine over 4 months.
  15. There used to be a system detailed in the Manual of Army Pay Duties (MAPD) which allowed anyone who had to pay money back to the coffers a certain minimum left in his or her mitt so that if you had to pay £200 back, you had to be left with 40% of your wages if you were single and 60% if married. Speak to your RAO about it.