charged with a public order offence

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by jamesrha, Oct 10, 2011.

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  1. I am due to start basic on the 3rd of january and was arrested and charged at the weekend with a section 4 public order offence,long story short 3 lads came at me i defended myself,no harm came to anyone we basically just had a scuffle on the floor,one of the officers told me that its a joke i even got charged having seen the cctv footage and that i should get a solicitor and plead not guilty at court,my question is will this stop me starting basic? i know that i should just ring my recruiter and beleive me i will if i dont get of with it at court,however in the meantime i would just like some closure on the matter im worried sick
  2. No what I suggest you do is post on the internet and have someone sort it out for you.

    Oh wait you've already done that.

    Kids of today, all want a mobile phone but don't want to phone anyone?
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  3. theres allways one! like i said i just want some closure on the matter,not silly comments,i dont see any reason to inform my recruiter as i may get off with the charge
  4. Why don't you just ring your recruiter anyway?
  5. Well if you want closure then you should of done as advised above and speak to your Recruiter about it. But to answer your question you are NOT allowed to enlist if you are waiting on any court case and dependant on what you get straight into the ACIO with details of when and where your court hearing is...........if it is close to your start date expect to be removed then dependant on what you are given at court will depend on your future.dont try hiding it either as a few have done in the past as you will be found out eventually and booted for integrity....and in some cases if they had been honest they wouldnt of.
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  6. Don't forget to buy a Train Ticket when you go to Court or you will be sent to the
    Tower, the Jackdaws will then have Carte Blanche on your eye balls and Laughing
    Tackle, not nice....well, not bad really as long as it's a good looking one that
    chomps on your chod.
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  7. i have a good chance of the charges being dropped so didnt want to inform my recruiter just yet,my start date is january the 3rd im up in court the 20th of this month
  8. To be honest then I would be pretty pissed off if I was your Recruiter that you aren't able to come and discuss matters with them like this......think you might need a look at the values and standards book again before you decide to attest..........honesty is always the best policy and if you want decent information get it straight from your Recruiter.
  9. How the **** did millions of people ever join the Army before ARRSE was invented to ask every single question that ever you comes into their head?
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  10. i do plan on informing my recruiter! and im just worried thats all,thanks for your time i will be ringing the aco tomorrow
  11. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Firstly you should tell your recruiter.

    Second If as you say you are the innocent party and there is CCTV footage clearly showing that then you should be asking your solicitor to contact the police/CPS and ask for all charges to be dropped. Your brief will no doubt want to point out that there is evidence of your innocence and that your future in the Army is in jeopardy.

    At the very least it may prompt them to review the case earlier than they otherwise may have done.

    Of course if you are not as innocent as you suggested but are just expecting to get away with it then noising up the CPS may just prompt them to try harder.
  12. Why did they 'come at you'?

    Why are the plod charging you if you acted appropriately?

    Is there anymore to the story?

    We need to know the whole facts in order to give you the best advice.

    Anything to add?

    I bet there is!
  13. Public order offence.....guess thats affray.

    If what your saying is true you should walk out of court a free man, get the best solicitor you can afford, it will be down to him to save your ass. Dress up, i mean it. Suited and booted, polish your shoes, cut your hair, it's all about image with public order offences.

    Mention to the solicitor you are joining the Army, it may help you, show you are contributing to society. Rather than some chavvy cnut on the dole, just out on the piss starting fights for kicks.

    If you are un-employed or on a small wage you will qualify for legal aid, if your self employed you're screwed, and looking at about 200-300 for the case.
  14. Turn that on its head; why bother with CIO any more?
  15. I've got a hunchback, a cleft palate, piles and bad breath. I was also recently convicted of disembowelling twelve prostitutes, the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the cast of Les Miserables and several Masterchef finalists. I'm currently serving six months at Wandsworth, should I tell my recruiter?
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