Charged For Losing ID Card

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by phil37, Feb 6, 2010.

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  1. Any truth in a return to getting charged for losing MOD 90?

    In 1999, I was charged 50 quid by the company OC for losing my ID card - it was actually stolen from me but she wasn't interested in that.
  2. It might actually make the youngens look after their ID cards if you start taking beer tokens away again.
  3. It used to be a prevalent offence but that sounds outrageous, a female OC?
  4. We were talking about this yesterday! I doubt it. Shame they don't charge Contractors, they'd be raking it in.

    I've seen some people who have 3! I thought that was a "Serious offence".
  5. It always used to be £50 the first time, £100 the second and 28 days in Colly for the third IIRC!

    Now they can lose them and nothing happens? :roll:
  6. I distinctly remember a Captain who lost his in NI and was "invited" by the CO to make a seriously large donation to charity. He didn't need much pocket money for a month or so anyway as Duty Officer day on, day off is far too busy for socializing anyway. :D
  7. not a prevalen offence anymore, admin charge of £10 for first offence if it is your fault. Gets steeper if you carry on. No probs withhavingmore than one ID card now as they are dated.
  8. Isn't it still the rule that on the issue of a new card, the old one is to be destroyer or returned to the issuing office?
  9. Are you sure about the fine? I deal with lost ID cards on an almost daily basis, and I wasn't aware that there was an admin charge that could be levied, RAO has been replacing them free of charge. Do you have the reference, because it hacks me off the lack of responcibility displayed over ownership of a piece of issued kit.
  10. ashford are you navy or raf? you dont get charged for losing the id card in the army!
  11. Not now but we were and as was said started at £50 and got worse.
  12. I was led to believe Ashford was correct except it isn't a fine, it's an admin fee
  13. ]

    I'm sure its still a serious offence to have more than one, there was a DIN out not too long ago and I'm pretty sure it includes that line.
  14. ''noises of shredder'. The Admin charge is at the discretin of the CoC, and not a crab nor a jack, the very thought indeed!!
  15. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Fcuking hell, when did that happen? I can remember SSM's parade were all and sundrey had to present MOD 90's for inspection and if you didn't have it on you then you were in the shite and if you lost it you were really in the shite.