charged by CO! HELP!?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by rememonkey, Nov 9, 2005.

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  1. whilst on tour i managed to get in a spot of bother and ended up getting charged for a very amusing act! anyway the whole case was pretty much a load of crap, but they ended up charging us. this happened in june and i havent had any money removed from my account or anything yet, is there a certain amount of time when it will become null/void? one other thing because it was such a mickey mouse case, am i correct in believeing that civilian officials look at the case and agree if a "crime" has been committed, then the award is carried out?

    any help?
  2. Nope

    Your screwed
  3. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    If the Sarn't Major says so then you is guilty, whether you did it or not. Fact of life. :cry:
  4. Bet you dont take him hostage like in "Negotiator " and try and prove ur innocence....
  5. Have you tried negotiation? Pop into his office tomorrow and ask him if he'll consider discussing terms. There may be 0% interest easy option scheme. Just make sure that you don't have any CCJs.
  6. you maybe lucky and the admin staff have "lost" the paperwork. pity they dont mess up charges as much as they mess up wages!
  7. You might as well tell us the story :wink:
  8. PS2 will study the case, and if they deem that the charge was incorrect, or the forms were filled out incorrectly, or the punishment too harsh then they do tend to throw thwm out and no further charges may be brought against that individual. However they may, only in extreme circumstances, advise the CO to charge on another sect of the AA55. If you were fined your SSA should have raised an occurrence on UNICOM to have the fine taken from your Pay Acct, this is then authorised and transmitted to AFPAA by the FSA/Sys Coord. Money should then be deducted, if this has not happened, rather than keep schtum, as most herberts do thinking they can get away with it (will never happen), then I would get in touch with your SSA and find out what the fcuk is going on. You may be pleasantly surprised.
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    A mate of mine was coy clerck and no it wasnt me, he used to lose many conduct sheets on the way to the Chief clerck. He often asked the soldier involved if he would mind dropping it of himself! Nice lad, had many friends!
  10. exactly the reason why i would say no more!! if it appears months later then u have lost out, but they hardly charge u interest on it do they?! say nowt and with a bit of luck, its Ugly's mate in your admin office!
  11. It has always amused me that the defendant on a charge always considers the incident as amusing or lighthearted and the seriousness others place on it as "a load of crap".

    So tell us rememonkey what was this highly amusing act?
  12. Rememonkey,
    I take it you pleaded guilty? You should have opted for Courts Martial, the APA would then have paid vast sums of money to dodgy witnesses abd then you would have been able to have the whole thing thrown out by your brief....
  13. If it got to the CO's level then I very much doubt it was a "micky mouse" offence. That's what your OC's for.
  14. okay i will tell you what happened........

    i was on tour recently, where the 2 can rule was very much enforced, we decided to have a "sqn leaving do", at the time we had a pool at the rear of our workplace, so we decided to have a toga party. anyway this party turned into the most kick ass party that they have ever had in that particular theatre. so after the party we headed up to another drinking location, and preceeded to have a naked bar with all the other normal stuff, in the morning someone made a complaint to the brig and told him about all the crazy rumours flying around camp, he wasnt happy, so basically he got rmps investigating eveything that went on around camp that night, there were some belters! anyway me and 3 others got rmp investigated over some crap allegations, really funny, to cut a long story short i got charged for ...........

    i quote

    "CONDUCT TO THE PREDJUDICE OF GOOD ORDER AND MILITARY DISCIPLINE CONTRARY TO SECTION 69 OF THE ARMY ACT 1955 in that he, on the th xxth day of xxxx 2005 in the presence of other personel from other nations making up MNTF .....

    "removed his clothes and slapped and grabbed the genetalia of others present"

    like that?
  15. Sounds like an attempt to keep morale high to me!