Characters and nutters.


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I'm sure this has been done before, probably many times, but it's a Friday afternoon, I've lost the will to live and bored sh1tless, so; During my service I met many people who were known as "characters" and a number who were known as nutters. Just wondered what types others had met?


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We had a young captain, one with a treble barreled name, and he owned a very fast, very sporty car. A Ford GT40, I believe. One day he was pursued by the Deutsche cops, who couldn't catch him, but reported him to C.O. he got a major bollocking, and decided to leave army. Went to a firm that built and raced cars, applied for a job. Personnell manager told him that 'would not employ spoiled little bastard as long as hole in personell offrs buttocks". Young officer left in high dudgeon. next day, he bought the firm and sacked pers offr. Respect!


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indoubitabley said:
Was that a suggestion? A direction? Or a request?

Ah, now I see. A previous thingy. Ok, seen.
Flubs? Every unit has at least one who just manages to waddle round the fitness tests necessary to stop him getting kicked out, but is a complete liability in anything serious. Can generally be seen at the back of a march-and-shoot team surrounded by swearing colleagues carrying his kit.
Doesn't the scale go from,





The biff chit holders etc are just cunts.

Good hearted but thick as Shite
The one eyes.

Or those that couldn't resist yet another story.

"One eye I was in................."
The 'Tommy Two Sh1ts' - If you've done it, they've done it twice.

And of course the civvy who's equivalent rank is..........
Mag_to_grid said:
urine 'eds? Laminated biff chit holders?
we had a Laminated Biff Chit Holder back when i was in me training depot, Steve 'Chink' Storey KOSB, biffed it to the point he was going to be slung out then magically re-couped for a few weeks and then back he went

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