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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TurtleHead, Dec 30, 2011.

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  1. TurtleHead

    TurtleHead Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Hi All,
    just reading a book by stephen Leather called hard landing, to my surprise a character described as a shady ex-special forces type with a handle bar moustache has been called in from a job in the ukraine teaching SWAT teams, he goes by the name jimbo shortt.

    To my amusement i immediately thought of ARRSE, i have recently read (for about the 4th time) the ARRSEPEDIA entries about the characters namesake and always find it amusing, it this not a bit of a coincidence?

    just in case nobody gives a shite ive called a taxi and am just getting my coat:pl:
  2. Yeah I've read the book as well and wondered if the author reads arrse and was having a dig
  3. TurtleHead

    TurtleHead Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I havent got any further past his character inroduction yet so hopefully the author depicts him as a complete throbber
  4. TurtleHead

    TurtleHead Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Thanks Joe, glad i'm not the only one to notice the coincidence
  5. I'm reading a series of Stephen Leather books, all to do with an ex trooper called 'Spider' Shepherd, jimbo Shortt appears in several of them though not a throbber like the other one. The books are quite entertaining.

    I reckon it must be more than a coinkydenky so come on Stephen, own up, you are on ARRSE aren't you???
  6. Just in case anybody thinks that this is the work of a talented author? Amazon are selling copies for 1p
  7. Stephen Leather probably sought a technical advisor for his military themed novels and bad luck would have it his google search landed him on the IBA and Shitt's pages.

    Probably Shitt offered a deal : Drop my name into your books and I'll waive/reduce my consultation fee.