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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by The-Reverend, Jun 8, 2007.

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  1. Been out for 4 years now, after doing 22. What the hell is going on with the sprogs, do they do as they like or what. :evil: :pissedoff:
    After reading some of the resent threads it sounds like it.
    What character building takes place now? Is carrying bar rash a thing of the past. :salut:
    Come on who has any character building stories? :) :twisted:
  2. Probably no more scary people left like yourself to keep them in their place K** 8)
  3. It is sadly a thing of the past.
    No longer character building but bullying!!!! The PC brigade stoped all kind of things.
    The Fun has been taken out of the Corp just incase sprogs go running to their mums or local MPs and the story ends up in the sun.
    Which is a shame really.
    People caught carrying out such events can find themselves on the dole now days.
  4. Work hard, play hard.
    Get off the play stations.
  5. There is more to Character Building than bullying, Im not talking mindless Violence just education :study: :study: :twisted:

    Night Trained

    Whilst on you first tour why not go and ask an old sweat for some CB :rambo:
  6. when the new minefield marking system came in the 80's i was fresh out of the factory & was duely sent in front of the 432 to take in the pickets & relay what they were.

    did not have a "scooby" so was quickly introduced to the sect banana's lefty & righty twins & told i had a hour to learn the signs "OR ELSE"

    got the cnut back couple of years later when i "accidently" missed the HGB pin he was holding with my sledgehammer......................oops.
  7. On recently instructing a load of young lads how to use a TIRFOR winch I had a gobby young scrote (not nightrained) who knew it all and wouldnt keep his mouth shut. I set up a landrover in a ditch scenario later on that day and when young scrotes team got round and he was giving it THIS WILL BE EASY I thought Id help him out a bit and leave one of the pins in the anchor plate in situae. Imagine his surprise after hammering all eight of the pins in he found out the rope and strops werent long enough to connect to the rover. I felt really sorry for the young lad as he got grief off the rest of his mates for jumping in and not listening whilst he re-positioned the anchor plates.

    Well they say its best to FCUK UP whist training and you wont do it again. :twisted:
  8. LMFAO :lol:
  9. The old ones are the best aren't they! all the usual being doubled away to bring back Tartan Paint, Bubbles for Spirit Levels, Skirting Board Ladders, Long Waits etc. but the best I heard was from a lad at Waterbeach who had come from Germany and told of a sprog that the troop had dressed up in the complete 'Chain Saw Safety Gear' with helmet, visor down and chain saw in hand with a note in the other hand to give to the Squadron Sergeant Major while still dressed in full Chain Saw Massacre attire 8)

    Said Note went something like:-

    "Grant me 10 Days Leave right now or I'll saw your F*&^%#g Office in Half"

    No doubt the story is slightly different and will be 'amended' when some of the culprits involved read this... but Good Drills all the same, those were the days!

  10. This thread should be a sticky and retitled "All nightrained abuse in here".

    I wouldn't judge all sprogs on me though.
  11. No.. most of them can pass a BPFA ..
  12. I can pass them now, and although it took a little time, at the end of the day 'i've been in 2 minutes' and I'm sure 2 minutes in the army can be overlooked.
  13. Sounds to me like it was "2 Minutes" overlooked by your training NCO's as you shouldn't be where you are in the first place if you are so unfit!
  14. we are not, we actually like some "bayonets" 8O :D 8O :D
  15. So you've passed one, wait till you get back and then try running them again. Any bets on you failing then?

    You only get abused because of the crap you come out with.