Channelling Your Inner Cousteau

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Jan 19, 2006.

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  1. Never mind CarPorn..these babies are the next big thing in boytoys and surely must be good at pulling the right sort of girl [ i.e. the thong/bikin wearing types ]

    Call me Capt. Nemo but these look like a lot of fun..

    for the idle rich big boys, there's the large live-in

    at only $ 5.5 mil US. Drives like a Greyhound bus [ with better scenery ] and you can rent it at $ 70 per person - no drinking onboard, though [ no bathrooms ] people start drinking under the sea and you got a Hawaiian shirt version of the panic scene from Das Boot

    for a little more zip and compact stylee a Mercedes for the Deep

    at only $ 900,000.. 80 hours of zip up to [ or down to ] 2000 feet

    for them what likes to toss their cookies and launch their lunch while playing in the water how about?

    at only $ 100,000 its a steal.. not sure I'd be the one trying a barrel roll and flying fish manoeuver, but, hell, it sure looks purty..

    for the downmarket there's always:

    the sportSub II [ warning - its an ambient vehicle which means the pressure increases as you dive and you got to decompress coming back up or you'll go round the bend ]

    and for the do-it-yourselfer on a budget, the submersible geeks; this backyard baby:

    starting a $ schematics, hit the local hardware store and bob's-your-uncle [ if not Davy Jones ]

    remember that 95 % of the ocean floor has never been surveyed, millions of fishie species haven't been discovered yet [could be one with your name on it ] ..Who needs outer space?