Channel tunnel with a bit of leway.

OK, my old mum is in hospital dying. Went back last week , BA and car hire was steep.

But she is a hard old bird and even if the bloody Dr who did the crash team , who called me last week and said...

Get back now , she will not last an hour. She did .

Back home now and she has again .

Anyone know ifyou can book a ticket on euro tunnel? That covers a trip , maybe tomorrow or the next day and a return some time in the next weeks?
Having done the drive from your location several times , once for much the same reason, I would recommend taking a ferry from Calais.
DFDS will do what is effectively an open-ended return and costs far less than Eurotunnel - don't forget you're coming up to school holiday sesson,
Another benefit is you get 90mins on the boat to have a brew and stretch your legs.
I've done it twice from CH this year.

ETA: I always book through Direct Ferries. Their website will give you comparative fares for Eurotunnel , DFDS and P&O.
Never had any problems.
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Was speaking with a chap at Citi de Europ motor home park late last year, he was saying you could get a block ticket(5 journeys???) for slightly more than the same price as a return... we were knackered and I didn't get any details , but we are talking motorhomes here , not cars , and campers are generally more expensive
What trackpen is saying is true though, much cheaper on the ferry and it's only 90 minutes
£110 return in October , £140 towing the smart car, you need to book the day before to get cheaper tickets , although we usually travel after midnight -0100 so if you bowl up at about 11 , and they are charging extra to get on the ferry , let them know in no uncertain terms that the 0100 boat is the next day.... well it worked for us

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