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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by EASTY, Feb 27, 2013.

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  1. Has anybody been there,and which one is your favorite.
  2. Thanks for the reponse chaps ,you have been very helpful. :thanks:
  3. I've been there. The one with the harbour was my favourite.
  4. Alderney is a dirty floozey who wears no knickers. Filthy. I'd go back.
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  5. Jersey is the only Channel Island to which I have been. Like the place so didn`t bother with that other island.
  6. Great, i will make sure i stop off at that one.
  7. Only in a boat. (taps nose)
  8. Grande Íle, Íles Chausey
  9. Alright seeing as how Emsav has tipped up and her (and others) generous info was useful last week.

    I've only visited Alderney which is about 2 x 1.5 miles in size. Ish. I was about 10 years old and Dad's mate had a Piper Cherokee he part-owned and dive-bombed us onto the island (very steep circling decent. Ears melted.)
    Mix of French and English. Good for walks, golf, we used to play squash on a court right on top of a cliff!, good food and boat trips to other islands/France. I liked the island and found it to be very relaxed.
    I've heard that the small islands such as Emsav has mentioned : Grande Íle, Íles Chausey are worth a squirt. I mean a look.

    Also that Jersey can be very pleasant too. Used to be known as the Riveria of the British Isles or some travel agent guff. Lots of people used to go on honeymoon from the UK up until the 1970s ish.

    Optional bonus story: Very rough seas. I vomited copiously on a day trip to France, right down the isle of the coach which picked us up off the boat, just as we were going downhill so everyone got a look. Including the lil lady my age I'd taken a shine to. The shame yet very mild amusement. French travel pills on way back, they were like heroin 25 years ago.
  10. Went to Jersey in 1985 with a bunch for the lash. Didnt make one nights stay before we all got arrested, banned for life the next dayin court and in handcuffs put on the plane let off in Bournmouth I think it was and released from cuffs. Cost us all an absolute fortune too in fines etc. So obviously cant go back there
    Last year went with wife and daughter to Guernsey to stay with friends that live there. Brilliant, especially if you like monuments, forts, German stuff ~ its all still there and free entry in the main. Great food, social etc
    Go compare and contrast.... we all grow up eventually!
  11. A chap I met had a similar experience in Jersey. He went in 1940 with his mates, painted the town red and black, stayed quite a while then after quite a kerfuffle he was physically restrained and arrested by the authorities and sent elsewhere. He wasn't even allowed to keep his Luger or Hitler Youth knife personally awarded to him by Hitler.
    Chuh! Hey?