Channel Four Iraq drama- 5 April 2007

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Neuroleptic, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. Yes, there's been an ARRSE thread running on this for about 48 hours. Very mixed feeling among posters.

    Col. Tim Collins (whose Kuwait 1RIR speech provides this film with its title) has said it's likely to generate hate against British soldiers - p.2 of today's Times - a tiny news item.

    Feeling is it may have been made in anticipation of Guilty verdicts in the QLR/Mendonca trials.

    We'll have to wait and see . . . .
  2. Just seen a 30-sec clip of this.

    Wouldn't be surprised if Cols. Collins and Mendonca have briefed their solicitors already.
  3. rather than generating hate against British soldiers i trust it will generate even more hate against bliar for generating the damn problem in the first place ! ... gawd, he's got so much to answer for, git !
  4. I doubt it. Anything that knocks Blair seems to be ok with a lot of ARRSERs lately e.g. 'The Government Inspector' and 'The Trial of Tony Blair'. What people need to remember however is that this type of programme is often made by people with strong left wing opinions. They see Blair as a betrayer of their socialist principles and the British armed forces as capitalist lackeys following an imperialist agenda. Whilst there may be some vague rhetoric about "economic conscripts" (tinged imho with middle class contempt), an all volunteer military is never going generate much sympathy amongst this group. We're all culpable really, because we don't desert.

    Don't hold your breath waiting for a genuine (i.e. accurate) dramatic representation of the British armed forces on Ops from a UK media source. (Although 'Warriors' would have been an honourable exception but for the 'everyone develops PTSD' ending.)
  5. Sadly many shallow thinking people will see the soldier, the uniform and not the politics behind the uniform!
  6. Being Channel 4 it will be very pro-New labour, very anti tory-voting armed forces.

    Another hatchet job incoming.
  7. I find it pretty depressing that a publicly funded broadcaster is yet again trying its best to score Political points off the Armed forces,who are performing magnificently.
    Military Coup anyone??
  8. If this is the 'mark of cain' programme, then i've just seen the advert and already my feelings are that it appears as well acted as my kids nativity play.
  9. There's an 'in depth' article in the new Radio Times about this piece of work.

    Also an accompanying bit by Tim Collins who has obviously seen it. His remarks indicate the film is going to show soldiers in a very bad light indeed.
  10. The film I believe tells why soldiers do what they do, especially under the contraints of Tony" I am tosser" Blair pc civilian rules when clearly the soldiers are under extreme pressure to come up with results. The finger of guilt is clearly pointing at the Prime Minister in this case, people forget that they actually voted for him. Ask random people in social gatherings and they all will deny voting for him, so how the hell did he get in!!
  11. Trouble is that the TV people that make this stuff have no concept of what the military is about. Its a completely alien thing to them involving concepts like loyalty, duty, bravery, camaraderie etc.

    They don't pick these things up in Islington! The only fighting they see is battling the next guy to get a job on the BBC...