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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by MrsCR, Feb 12, 2007.

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  1. switch over... need I say more!
  2. hes staring at me:)

    its caused by attempting to suffocate him allot:)

    his skull grows up,(puts a new meaning to skull fucked:
  3. a rare genetic condition eh? invisible hands around his neck...
  4. Fcuk me! that's some jigsaw puzzle they did with his skull :omfg:
  5. Are you mad woman? (Well, obviously.....You volunteered to live in Brecon) C5 is top quality broadcasting, especially in the afternoons with the wide selection of made for TV movies, and chavvy chat shows.

    Clearly you have left behind your glory days as a student, never to regain the truly luxurious feeling of being able to watch absolute rubbish, yet genuinely enjoy it.

    Also....theres something fundamentally horrible about your avatar. Its just a bit wrong.
  6. It seems I've hit a nerve - I'm all for Channel 5 - I was merely alerting everyone to yet another of its top quality broadcasts!

    As for my avatar - does it not prove that CR and I are made for each other? No one else would have us!

  7. Yes, but he actually looks like that, you most certainly do not. ;)
  8. ok I'm finding this a bit disconcerting!! You all seem to know me yet I have NO idea who any of you are. I realise I'm something of an oddity - being the only woman (barely) in the world willing to marry CR, albeit heavily under the influence... but still!!!

    ...going for a ponder (is that what they're calling it these days!?)
  9. Yes I know you. I also have your picture pinned to the inside of my undercrackers.
  10. think she's remembered you now flash. i got as far in my description as "slimy" and it just clicked. :)

  11. :D
  12. You liar, Flushy.


    Everyone knows you fly nekkid inside your growbag, nekkid apart from all the accumulated ginsters and quiche crumbs that is.

  13. "ok I'm finding this a bit disconcerting!! You all seem to know me yet I have NO idea who any of you are."

    Take a wild guess mate? Who else would be taking advantage of a quiet day in the office to check arrse when his seniors are away on a course... Incidentally CR will please take note that i have only posted a few times despite being a member nearly a year....I must be too busy, I need less work to do/a holiday.

  14. roger that mate, you're absolutely right. take a short break.

    did you enjoy it?

    good. now stop fucking moaning and get on with your work :)

    p.s. mrs CR says she didn't recognise you because she's not chatted to you in so long, despite the fact you walk past the shop door 4 times a day you anti-social twat :)
  15. You didn't know about the pictures in Coppermine?

    Of your Coppermine?