Channel 5 tonight 30/1 at 2200 - Royals in Afghan

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Rod924, Jan 30, 2012.

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  1. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    Just a heads up as not seen it posted

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  2. 21.00hrs trigger!!
  3. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    2200 in channel 5 + 1....some us were playing football!! :)

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  4. Well I've just watched it from the safety of my sofa but I'm not really qualified to comment...
  5. Doesn't seem to stop any other ****. What did you reckon?
  6. Well I really enjoyed it while eating my pizza. Next time I'm ordering extra peppers though.
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  7. I thought it was better viewing than the Ross Kemp Afghan efforts - less from the host and more from the blokes on the ground.
  8. Agreed. Ross Kemp's was very shooty, but it was a bit difficult to follow what was going on- probably like the real thing then? I suppose being able to follow what's going on is a luxury we're used to when watching films on tv.
    This C5 one showed what seems like a new 'baiting' strategy which was very interesting but I was reluctant to comment further, on this site anyway, as I've no idea how it compares to the real thing, not having been there myself. Would be interesting to hear from anyone who has been there but maybe this is not preferred viewing when on leave? (I've no idea.)
  9. The two dickers they shot and killed didn't think much about it. That'll teach em! Overall it was an interesting program. I've obviously not been there but, I know it's hot an dusty and they'll be sweating their nuts off and off duty as much as you can be there but manning the wall in your shorts seems weird to me. If there's a sudden need to get outside, People have got to get completely dressed which can be a bit of a delay. Just saying? I like though how they went hunting for the Taliban and got a good result. Nice to see that other than a shitty ending. Well done to the Bootnecks.
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  10. I noticed the filmaker mentioned just ONCE, in an offhand kind of way, that it was FIFTY DEGREES!! **** me, carrying all that kit.

    Let's hope they do well next week too.
  11. Absolute classic :thumright: yes lets hope, RGJ they had to man the walls in shorts, naked shooting is banned! besides i'm guessing it was a little hot for ballgowns.
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  12. If it's fun, they ban it. Typical! :)
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  13. It got a thumbs up from me especially the end segment which showed a bootie's rather large penis.

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  14. Several questions I would have from the comfort of my armchair but for once will wind neck in.

    Well done the Booties for taking at least 1 down and maybe three, let.s hope they continued with the attrition and the natives took the hint.
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  15. yes great programme the lads appreciate the film maker and showed in his close up one to one interview. He made another documentary a few years ago about the Royal Marines and Green Beret Commando Selection course etc. I think he is the oldest man ever to pass the selection fitness course and a civvy to boot.

    Chris Terrill - Chris Terrill - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia