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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Herrumph, Oct 1, 2007.

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  1. Channel 5 just announced that on tomorrrow's show they will be speaking to the soldier who spent 4 months on bomb disposal duties in Iraq.

    What is the story? Genuine interesting story, short-toured or a Wedge Walt telling his story.

    QMan - please look away at 7pm
  2. Skills = good (obviously)

    Writing style = total shite

    But I suppose we can put that down to the 'ghost' writer?
  3. He wont be watching TV, he going to see a couple of dogs! :wink:
  4. Not just AT' making the papers these days!!!!
  5. Now, I believe that deserves a round of applause! :D
  6. Outstanding Qman, I always knew you had the balls to pull it off and the modesty to say nothing!!!!

    Can I have a signed copy of your book please!!!!
  7. That is class QMAN, I raise a glass of Diesal in respect to your smelly trade, take that ATs!
  8. nobber.
  9. qman, Oil AVTUR buy your book, HEL it made me laugh, I don't KERO much it costs!

    When DFOC are you going to write a sequel, ISGOTT to make you a wealthy man.

    HAZMAT approached you yet from Pen and Sword?

    For those who don't know. :wink:

    AVTUR = Aviation Turbine Fuel

    HEL = Higher Explosive Limit

    KERO = Kerosene Military

    DFOC = Defence Fuels Operation Centre

    ISGOTT = International Safety Guide for Oils Tankers & Terminals

    HAZMAT = Hazardous Materials
  10. No need for that was there, Bell-End!!!!
  11. every need you tool!!!!!
  12. Did you catch an old and trusted friend ******* your mug today and feel the need to be a keyboard hard bastard to make up for your short comings in the trouser department????
  13. if its was my mug. what dos it look like and i will answer your question.
  14. Please. If you're going to give your 2 pennies worth. I wonder if you could at least have the good grace to at least SPELL IT RIGHT................Knobber.