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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bettyresearch, Jan 30, 2007.

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  1. Calling all short men....

    Hi there,

    I'm an assistant producer from an award winning UK based independent
    television company. We are currently producing an observational
    film for Channel 5 looking at men of short stature as part of their
    flagship documentary strand.

    We're interested to know what it's like to be a man below average
    height. What sorts of issues do you face in daily life as a result
    of your height? Are you frustrated by people's reactions to you?
    Are you a stronger person for it? Do you make up for your short
    stature in personality and zest for life? Do you have more drive
    and determination to succeed? Have you ever considered leg
    lengthening surgery?

    If you would be interested in sharing your experience of being a man
    with short stature, I'd be really grateful if you'd get in touch
    letting me know where you're based. There is absolutely no
    obligation to be involved in any filming - in the first instance any
    correspondence will be for research purposes only.

    Please email me at or call 020 7907 0870

    Many thanks,

    Helen Crampton
  2. At Last

    Somebody wants us short arses :boogie:

    Helen, I think I love You

  3. How about a follow-up featuring those of us above 6'?

    What it's like being able to reach the top shelf magazines in the newsagent without the aid of a stepladder, being able to see over the top of large crowds, managing to scale the 7' wall on an obstacle course without asking for help.

    You could also cover the tragedy of realising at age 10 that you're already too tall to be a jockey, that a career as a circus dwarf will never materialise, that the rear of a landrover/inside of a warrior will never quite be large enough and that you will never develop 'Napolean Syndrome' or any kind of inferiority complex.
  4. helen, i'll be honest, you're not gonna get many responses if you go around on here asking for short arses like that. try this instead.

    Are you always stood bang in the middle of a well formed up parade? Stopped growing before all your mates, did you? Four foot nothing dwarf with something to gripe about? Does Bridget the midget make your tiny willy go hard? Email or phone me and I might put you on telly for it. If it goes really well, then an eccentric millionaire may pay for you to be stretched out to normal size, who knows....

    I honestly think that'll work better for you....

    (Edited for mongy spelling; though in all fairness I was stood on my dictionary in order to reach the keyboard)
  5. What about a follow up then for us "normals"?

    5-6' Do you have problems with people above or below you...replies to usual address.......
  6. Didn't you mean 5'6" in stockinged feet?
  7. Well no, actually 5'-6' (in stockinged feet)
  8. So by your definition - short is less than 5'?

    Helen - you need to confirm the parameter that define short a*se.
  9. Well hasn't stopped her and look on the bright side she doesn't get sore knees noshing you off

  10. machristo / Sir_Dae used to be normal height, until he blew his own legs off below the knee in a freak shed-related explosion ;)
  11. Shit, sorry have a offended someone?
  12. aye, 'tis a sad story.... my powerslides have suffered terribly, but my c0ck push-ups have gotten much, much better.
  13. terroratthepicnic

    terroratthepicnic LE Reviewer Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Runners

    What If you have one leg shorter than the other, when on the longer leg you are taller than adverage height but when on the other, shorter than adverage height, would this make Helen only half interested in what you had to say?
  14. *Grauniad mode on*

    Surely we should not pigeon-hole the diminutive with arbritrary measurements based on a social ideal, short is a frame of mind as much as it is a physical condition. It is not whether you are short, but whether you feel short. You could be 5'8", but if you work with a group of professional baketball players you will feel short. Inside are we not all shorter than we would like to be?