Channel 5 @9 tonight Royal Navy Caribbean Patrol

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by viceroy, Feb 7, 2011.

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  1. Royal Navy Caribbean Patrol | Five

    New documentary series following Royal Navy warship HMS Manchester on her final deployment – a seven-month tour of duty hunting drug smugglers in the Caribbean.
  2. watching it now. Did the Cap'n really have an Aston Martin seat or was I seeing things? Nice touch......
  3. Yes he did! Bet he kept that when the destroyer was scrapped!
  4. Who all is on that boat, Navy, Marines, coast Guard, what are the pilots, Navy as well? Are (-were) they always wearing desert camo?
  5. How much does it cost to turn around a 5,000 tonne destroyer to search for a vicious coconut???

  6. That wasn't too bad, considering some of the TV dross that gets served up. Not too many plummy voices in the Andrew these days are there? Its on the Channel 5 iplayer or whatever they call it.
  7. not watched it yet but seen the trailer for it, theres a couple of septics in it whom I suspect are USCG, possibly DEA at a push

    I do remember seeing a show about the RN fisheries protection one of the boarding team was wearing a USCG TACLET t-shirt so I'd assume they work along side
  8. I didnt imagine that, He did encourage his crew to "be reactive!"
    Everyone and everything is reactive, surely he meant "proactive"
  9. just watching it now, USCG aboard couple of questions

    why would they need to swap the ensign for a USCG flag before boarding ? having watched the Ross Kemp Pirate program is there a reason that the RM (FPG?) guys couldn't do the boards, I'm sure if need be they could swear them in as specials or something
  10. I liked the female USCG officer who did a piece to camera. No pixilated face or anything but her identity was "classified".
  11. yeah they did the same with the black guy cleaning the M4 full face piece to camera and name withheld
  12. Nearly all the ships in the fleet (both of them at the last count!!) have got gucci car seats on the bridge!

    When i was on Ark Royal in 88, Rover loaned the ship a top of the range Rover 820 with every mod con fitted. Basically every time the ship stopped in foreign ports, the captain used the car and it was good advertising for Rover.

    When the captain left the ship he went to return the car and they turned round and said keep it!
  13. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Ark Royal off loading cars
    YouTube - HMS Ark Royal at port in Norfolk Naval Base