Channel 4s queens Speech Alternative..........

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bullshit, Dec 25, 2006.

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  1. Now am I becoming Major Crusty or is channel4 taking the p*ss?

    muslim woman

    For those who dont want to follow the link, a veiled woman is giving her 10 mins worth instead of Her Majesty. Am I an old fart or is this moving forward? My gut feeling is christmas is a christian celebration and time honoured, leave it alone!!!!!
  2. In their defence Ch 4 have (for as long as I can remember) offered an alternative speech.

    Choice is good, and we are able to choose what we watch. I shall of course be watching Auntie Beeb at 1500.
  3. Well, I'm going to join the old fart's club.

    Queen's speech should not be missed; think about how much time our beloved leader takes up of our lives without our asking: and yet people are unwilling to give up a few minutes of their day to listen to someone who has (in my opinion) always had our best interests at heart.

    The special speech she made for troops; were people pleased? I'm not serving; but I think it shows she cares, and is probably mightly miffed at Blair's treatment of HER armed forces
  4. Agree with you Bullshit. How about having a Christian alternative speech on Al Jezera or Saudi TV. The bottom line is that we offer a culture that permits other religions unlike Saudi (the home of Islam). I am not particularly religious however in times of trouble have used the padre and enjoy the sense of belonging of being a British chap with a monarch and our own religion. The sight/sounds of the Battle of Britain Memorial flight overflying a beautiful English village with a church still stirs me. Even as a young XX year old retired Officer and now a reservist I enjoy her Majestys speech. I can see now when my father was away on Ops / Overseas dets why mom made me and my wee sister have a glass of schloer and watch Aunty Betts speech at 1500hrs on Christmas Day. Today I will do the same with my 9yr & 6 yr old kids. This morning I said a wee prayer with my 6yr old daughter. We thanked our Lord for today and the gifts but then prayed for kids/wifes/husbands/boyfriends/girlfriends/parents of those overseas on Ops and asked for protection. We then prayed for all kiddies who lost loved ones on Ops this year. We hope that they enjoy the day and that they know that their Dad / Mom is up in heaven and smiling down on them and wants them to have enormous fun today and that they send their love.

    I wonder if that veiled Raghead on C4 will have a similar message. I somehow can't see it.
  5. All the while we still have blokes like 58 Pattern doing what he did, the veiled community can pee up it's skirt as they heve no effect on those who matter.
  6. C4 have always had an alternative Xmas message, its supposed to be a spoof. No need to get all sociological about it. Also you might be interested to know that ratings for the Queen's speech have gone down steadily over the last decade, hence podcasting and all that malarkey.
  7. They only probably put a muslim woman to do the alternative speech was becuase as you know alot of comotion about veils and all that non-sence just to make them happy incase any physcos decide to blow England up.
  8. It was pre-recorded. The woman who gave the speech was interviewed on BBC Radio, when asked what she would be doing at 3pm on Christmas Day, she said she would be watching The Queen on television.

    It didn't see it, but understand that the 'message' was pretty moderate and common sense, it was certainly not a call to the faithful to destroy the crusaders.