Channel 4 Wikileaks Article - Former member of the Int Corps speaks

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by disgruntledgrunt, Jul 30, 2010.

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  1. A member of the Int Corps has something to talk to the media about and jumps at the chance! Boring backdoors.
  2. Dan was the real deal sadly he left a few years back after his ability as a Int analyst was undermined by a love of all things Greggs and deep fried. Watching him run a PFT was a painful as reading that article it scanned like it had been written by Johnny aged 4. Yet again it’s sad to see the media so desperate for a so called expert’s opinion that they will get any old ex no mark to write their 10p worth then print it as the musing of a expert.
  3. Backdoor is a REMF disgruntledgrunt.
  4. Second picture down, he's the one dressed up as Obi Wan.
  5. I'm reliable informed that he's one of the dark siders they never let out of a room and has the people skills of a wet fish. Willing to bet he's never done a tour and like all the so called experts the media drags up, he talks a good talk over a pint but, is actually regurgitating something he read in the Sun a few years back!

  6. Only if obi wan had ditch the force and had got on the saturated fats diet. I have had the misfortune of meeting Dan a few time and trust me he is without a doubt as much of pen15 in real life.
  7. "....numerous combat tours....". I appreciate the last repellent government destroyed the infantry to a large degree, but I had no idea that INT CORPS fixed bayonets and engaged in hand to hand. If they did, I think we should be told.
  8. "Having completed numerous combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan"

    What a start to a article the big timing prat. Sitting in Shiba log bases worrying about where your next latte is coming from while you cut and paste internet article to pass off as your own work is not a combat tour. Still watching a fat man like Dan sweat as he tried to get his body armour to fit round the middle was well worth a chuckle maybe he should write a few dits for men heath instead he is as about as qualified for that publication as he is to write the others.