Channel 4 want terminally ill patient to mummify!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scaleyfcuker, Jan 11, 2010.

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  1. I like the posts below the article, especially :

    would you accept the wife.if she carries on the way she is i will make sure her illness is terminal

    Posted by: andrewjohnson196 on Mon Jan 11 01:31PM | Report abuse
  2. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Finally! Something Chubb's will be good at!
  3. Whats ure whinge....? If I was going and someone offered my family a six figure sum ( neg.) bollox to it.... What's ure problem? I really don't understand. It's C4, its minority viewing and I'm sure you've got Sky. Turn over and let some cnut make more money from his cold cadaver than he could ever do in life....

    I'd happily do the porn version, theres something about formaldehyde in my japs eye that really makes me hit the high notes....
  4. Its not a whinge I think its a mega idea
  5. Has the lampost man of micra been deep sixed yet?
  6. could always fcuk it once it's dead, but then i imagine it would be hard to get that on national tv. mummification though, fcuking PC all the way.
  7. Wow all the formaldehyde you can drink :)
  8. Are they sure they don't have more suitable candidates among their own staff?
  9. It will be a piece of piss to get past the PC brigade as being educational/historic. Do you not remember the live postmortems on BBC2?

  10. They'll be quite a few MP's in a few months time with fcuk all to do, at least they would be contributing to society for the first time.
  11. I don't think they went that far :D
  12. How about scooping up one of the unconcious drunks off the street, he just never wakes up and they provide a service. May even help to deter people drinking to excess without raising the price of beer
  13. i'd have no problem with them lifting this mong from the birds out on the lash thread and stuffing her every way they can


    fcuk i'd even help.
  14. Longlenny

    Longlenny War Hero Book Reviewer

    How about the current tenant of No 10, he must qualify?