Channel 4 Tonight(25/3)- The Air Hospital.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by patchemup, Mar 25, 2010.

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  1. Saw a clip of this on the 6 o'clock news.
    Could be good.
  2. Massive amounts of respect to the CCAST boys and girls.
  3. I hope the blokes who were posting recently that doctors and nurses should be chucked out if they cant do CFT and PFT are watching.
  4. That's a tough job in a whole different way.

    Respect to them.
  5. So far this has been absolutely fascinating.

    Having flicked over during the adverts, girls on the frontline on BBC3 is not so fascinating.
  6. Very humbling, true professionals, and what a difficult job that must be.

    Respect to all in CCAST and the aircrews that move them.
  7. Massive respect to everyone on those flights, a very very tough job! A humbling watch.
  8. my missus is in tears, me I am being stoical, but it is hard seeing our lads in such a state...

    proud of all the team,

    H4H going to get some money coming there way soon, I am always putting my hand in my pocket just sometimes it does not feel enough.

    Its seeing these lads is why I am in and fighting, got to go, need to look after Mrs A
  9. Christ, what a Job....Respect to all the crews involved.
  10. An absolutely tremendous documentary. Very humbling indeed. A very sensitive & well put together bit of programming showing the human angle. Massive respect to the AeroMed Teams.
  11. I've been lucky enough to train with a hospital based medical team - huge majority pass the CFT & PFA - some excell, some struggle but all do it with a grit and determination to demonstrate that they too are 'soldiers first'. There are no 'free passes'.

    To reject any of them would be insane - if the worst did happen, there are no hands i would prefer to be in. Hats off to them all.
  12. I watched this completely transfixed. The sheer professionalism is outstanding, the dedication of the CCAST teams and, "Our boys and girls" injured is humbling and I had to fight the lump in the throat. After I flicked over to the news and felt the anger rise whilst listening to the bloody politicos and that tosser Alistair Darling avoiding questions about advocationg cuts in various depts. Including defence......
  13. HRH on just now, I have a warmer feeling! Give me him or any other member of the Royals to a politician anyday.
  14. Must admit i was stunned to watch a ch4 documentary that was so good. It was truly moving well done to the crew.