Channel 4 Sunday 27/7 - CIA bloke on the car bomb

Did a search and couldn't see that anyone had mentioned this. Next week is on what can be done to defend against them - might be worth watching.

[I was surprised that the American who blew up the maths lab in Nixon's time with ammonium nitrate said that they did it with just fertiliser, diesel and "a strong cap". The picture they showed had fertiliser with something like 33% active ingredient. I'm hoping that today lower levels and coating means they need to chop it and then use HE to get it started]
Robert Baer also did another documentary called "Cult of the suicide Bomber" Part of Baer´s book was also the basis for the film Syiana as is George Clooney´s character in the film.
I loved the bit about the first VBIED; a horse-drawn wagon bomb in Wall Street in 1910ish.

Apparently left by an Italian Anarchist; but the nearest the peelers got was identifying the horses shoes left over from the explosion and then tracing the blacksmiths marks. Suspect had fled by this point back to the old country

Amateur bomb marker forgot to file the VIN plate off!

Bit odd why they felt it necessary to subtitle Baer's arabic but dubb the native speaker. The bloke was in the Mid-east for nearly his whole career so I don't think he needs to prove he can actually speak arabic

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