channel 4 screws cyprus soldiers

New to the site so not sure if this has been discussed.
Anybody see the documentary 'Squaddies on the rampage' on 4 last week? It spoke about the horrendous behaviour of soldiers based in cyprus and the total lack of control over the misuse of alcohol.

The whole programme was flawed with inaccuracies and totally one sided (usual channel 4 programme). I am currently based here in cyprus and was wondering if it had caused any outrage with command back in uk.

The key character assasinator Dr Marios Matsakis is the one and only who caused the riots here only 18 months ago causing over half a million pounds worth of damage! Also a holiday maker who "swam with dolphins during the day and beaten by squaddies at night". There are no dolphins over here!!!!!!

Despite being almost 10 years ago it dragged up the in-excusable Louise Jensen case and others that have long past. My point is that it has tarred all with the same brush and has undone some hard work carried out by troops island wide.

How are channel 4 allowed to air such a damning and one sided attack on the British Forces? Will anything be done about it?

please give me your feedback
Personally, I support Channel 4 in it's attempts to bring the truth of 'squaddie culture' to the attention of the tax paying British public. Every where they go, they kill someone. Lets examine the some of the places where the British Army have been responsible for the demise of some poor foreigner, Crimea, India, Africa, South Atlantic, every Europen country, N Ireland, the Middle East. Shocking behaviour. They were sent to these places to enjoy the sun, surf, sea, skiing etc, but no, they have no ability to stick with the programme and have to go spoiling it all for everyone, by topping some of the locals. And this isn't a recent phenomena, it's been going on behind our backs for at least a couple of hundred years. Outrageous.

Yours Sincerely,

Concerned of Colchester.
MA, Not sure if that reply was a piss take or you are a researcher for the aforementioned programme. Soldiers are not sent to far flung countries to go skiing, surfing etc. They are there to do a job on behalf of the government and 99% of the time they do it to a very high standard which is held in high regards around the world.

Granted some soldiers let us down, i'm not condoning this minority but in every walk of life their are bad apples. Through Harold Shipman are all doctors serial killers? Obviously not, but there is more than one bad doc.

Our soldiers are regarded as one of the most professional armies through out the world. Having served in more than 15 countries, this is the overwhelming opinion i have gathered firsthand.

The programme was as i said before full of inaccuracies, concentrated on four incidents from the past and was one sided giving it no credibility. yes some fools who know nothing of how the military operate will have formed a negative view of the army, but anyone with common sense and intelligence will see it for what it was.

It is people like you and the programme makers i would like to see in an operational area under pressure. Situations like that would show you why the british army is so good and not the mindless drunken yobs channel 4 would have you believe.

Going to leave you on a simple question, do you read the S*N paper by any chance?

I can assure you, Ma was being ironic.
Cheers PTP and apologies to MA if thats the case. should have done my homework on profile DOH!

As you can tell this programme riled me and am annoyed they can air such trash with no come backs. Amazing how short peoples memories are it was back slaps and cheers only weeks ago...
tunneller said:
There are no dolphins over here!!!!!!
Beg to differ about the dolphin thing, I only got back in Nov 03 & they were there then: Go to Paphos, down by the old fort in the harbour is a number of glass bottom boats, all offer swim with the Dolphin thing.
Tunneler, I think you've been underground for a while mate. I wouldn't imagine that there will be many left serving who have the Crimea medal :lol: Come to think of it, I don't believe that any of them are still alive!! :lol:
:( Unfortuneately tunneller I had already opened a discussion about cyprus!! Just one question, have you ever been out here?? If you have you would understand!!
:D There is no problem with alcohol or drugs in cyprus apart from all the usual cases of having too much or one night of stupdity!! 8O Unfortunately that is wot most people think of us screws out in the holiday resorts!!

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