Channel 4 right now

what a load of old tripe
From the C4 website:

Channel 4 said:
Seventeen-year-old Lawrence is consumed with doubts when he finds that the army is not what he had expected.

When his failure to fall into line begins to get him and his platoon into trouble, the peer pressure mounts.
Then, strangely, Lawrence begins to see Scarlet, the pin-up poster on the wall of the barracks, apparently come to life, and his luck begins to change.

Lawrence is convinced that she is his guardian angel, but Scarlet's agenda emerges to be much graver.
Then later:

Channel 4 said:
If you've been affected by some of the issues dealth with in this film, you may find these links useful:
If you're being affected by posters coming to life, I'd suggest that you're in need of more than a couple of self-help links...
Not watched Channel 4 since that news presenter thought it was good news to tell the Taliban where a Prince serving in the Army was located in Afganistan.

Also sent a very rude email.

Perhaps if all aarses did the same and get family and friends to boycott, the media may take notice.

Sorry, Piro i know "dream on`"

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