channel 4 report on TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Poppy, Feb 8, 2010.

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  1. "Civilians now prepare for war with the TA"!!??!!

    Great, I knew that public order training would come in handy again. The clip has some of the worst shaped berets I've ever seen, by the way.
  2. A good piece, well timed too! Some bods in the Army's PR Bn have done a good job there.
    But it is not true that employers have to let staff go when they are mobilised, as we know.
  3. They look like they have never been shaped. They must have both missed that lesson at sandhurst.
  4. Or they couldn't afford the staff, I hear commoners do occasionally slip through the safeguards.
  5. Good report on praiseworthy men and women!
  6. Of the 2 bad berets.

    One of them's a brigadier the other a splitarrse, shaping a beret badly is a part of their job description. :D
  7. Ruperts are exempt ally berets - it also deflects squaddies apprehensions of their abilities 8)

    Good piece from C4 though - much better than that Mark of Cain crap they pushed out a year back
  8. Duke your thoughts ?

    Mine remains ally but I am now a plastic rupert after all !
  9. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Quite correct. My "pancake" was sacked on commissioning, replaced with one worn at least 1" above the eyebrow, cap badge firmly over the centre of the left eye, bow centred in the back and pulled smartly to the right with no overhang in sight - just the way the RSM likes them!
  10. Yeah, but you still wear a very baggy to the knees smock.
  11. I know someone (ex mob )who used to work for this particular media establishment (thankfully no longer) and the mark of cain drivel was infuriating for him.........
    As a rule they take great pride in shocking people...
    A particular point of pride in their 25th anniversary celebrations was a letter from the Prince's asking them not to air a certain interview programme post their mothers death....
    Needless to say they showed it anyway...such is their commitment to their ethos of "Making Trouble"
    Never mind the wishes of 2 grieving kids....

    Nice to see that they have finally showed something positive about the forces...
    About time...
  12. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    The baggier the better - but not as ally as the Coy signaller I used to know who had an extention piece sewn into his smock so it went well below his knees:D
  13. any way there TA they werent going to turn up for C1 beret shapping training :)