Channel 4 puffs arrse

Absolutley brilliant. It may have been posted before but it is about time our comments make the main stream news.

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
And that was the cleaned up version!!

Maybe "they" will take more notice of what goes on here. C4 have just found a superb resource without even having to go out with their galoshes on and get some public opinion quotes.

They unfortunately didn't mention what "TCH" means.....

Still....I doubt that the BBC will be quoting anything from me today!!

Outstanding! Observations and critique from those in the know and/or likely to be at the pointy end should be read out on air too. Blowing sunshine up Jon Snow' arrse was a good move.

Snow's next interview with TCH. 'Secretary of State, why does the British military refer to you as TCH?'

That would be PRICELESS!

I loved the ridiculing of the misappropriation of the word 'duty'.

Show your ARRSE. :D


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Yeah, it wasn't exactly my finest hour ! :oops: They caught me when the Rant Selector was set to 'on.'

When I first saw it I wished that I'd written something more coherent and less rabid, although on reflection it did mirror to a small extent the apoplectic fit I was having when I saw TCH had used the word 'duty' ! :evil:

I'd better go now - I can feel the selector being nudged from the off position by those three letters......

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