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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Detmold_Drunk, Apr 24, 2008.

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  1. Strictly baby fight 4 now

    the sickest thing ive ever seen
  2. Pit bulls and sadistic mums - Chav Britain?
  3. Looks like it. The parents living their dreams through their kids. I thought all martial arts were about control, not giving all the aggro that the parents seem to want them to have.

  4. Gas chaimber for the lot of them.

    Except the dog. It looks like with some treatment, it might have something to contribute :twisted:
  5. RigPig - spot on mate. Control? Pest control required here!
  6. I agree that this is sick, I have competed myself in thai boxing but never witnessed children as young as 5 years old competing.

    I think to a certain extent it can help to provide a focus and develop their confidence which is essential to survive in life, but usually children who participate in martial arts competition are not allowed to hit the head and it is not full contact, what I read in the dail mail was disgusting -- allowing their 5 years old to do this type of thing, even though she clearly did not want to do it. Any club / instructor that allows their child students to do this should be banned from the sport.

    The fight game is not properly regulated, there is so much mismatching and fighters being stitched-up, so many instructors lie about their fighters records, so it's about time there was proper regulation to make it fair.
  7. Totally agree with said comments, I too find this quite disturbing. Sending kids away to fight with no/minimal protection is shocking to say the least.

  8. These oiks are what my dear mother used to refer to as TCP's (Tacky Common People).

    Where can one go to watch these fights btw?

    I remain, &tc.

  9. Very odd comment i heard was "he has been hit hard in the ring but he uses good protection" was i watching the same program????
  10. Seconded. A disgrace to the Martial Arts.

    The parents who were yelling at their kids to fight should be locked in a cage with a professional MMA fighter - and then see how fcuking enthusiastic about fighting they were! :x

    Cnuts. :evil:
  11. I agree with all of the above comments!
    It was awful! That father of the 5 year old twins ought to be locked up, did you hear him shout "Go on Princess, kick her" sick minded bsastard! She was 5 ffs! I just watched it on C4+1, but before that I watched 'Child Stars' on BBC three which was just as bad. I hate parents who want to live their dream through their child and I also hate parents who say "Just tell me when you want to quit and I'll let you" and you can see that that the kid is too terrified to say anything.
  12. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Wonder how those kids will turn out in years to come? Seriously f*cked up I would think - and I am sure they will REALLY thank their "parents". Very very sick people.
  13. My bold,
    I'm sure Sandy would do it, and a great job he would make of it.