Channel 4 now! Its true after all

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DarkNinja, Sep 12, 2011.

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  1. I am watching Embarrassing Bodies on Channel 4 (no, its not Bravo_Bravo). Some bint is on and she has "problems down there" LABIAL FUSION! Her Clunge has healed up! The old myth is true, if you dont use it you lose it

    Some old bloke is on and he has an arse like a ripped sandbag - Why would you go on the telly to show the world you have a burst balloon knot FFS!

    Its like a night out in Grantham!
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  2. Why would you turn on your TV and watch that sort of rubbish?
  3. beacause there was a documentary on Ch5 about a submarine crew - cunts on both sides!
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  4. He is on later
  5. I suppose money could be a reason.

    I wonder how much they pay?
  6. Who?
  7. You know, him.
  8. I have a fetish for Manky fannys.
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  9. FFS. Does every thread have to mention Afghan Kandak?

    My mistake, I thought you put Manc cunts.
  10. There's a bird on next week with 3 nipples, can't wait. Have got it series linked on Sky, you're the one missing out.

    I now know what to do if I get strawberrys growing on the outiside of my nose.
  11. Pick your own?
    I'll have to watch it on 4OD.
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  12. It's clunge did look tight though..............
  13. Makes a change for it to be on so late, normally comes on just as I am about to eat!

    Gopping the lot of them!

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  14. Very. I thought it was wierd when the doc put a BNS up there!
  15. Right watched a bit more and now feel sick!